thread: Your Top 5 Cleaning Products

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    May 2005

    I use the sabco cleaning cloth range also - and I LOVE them!!!

    The only other product I use is Bi-carbs of soda.

    It is truly magical!!

    makes stainless steel shine up like christmas and with my glass cleaning sabco cloth I add a little bicarbs and cleaning the shower glass is super super easy....

    the cloth will do it on its own.. but I just find that with the bicarbs - it's just easier and quicker and less elbow grease.

    I seriously use it for everything....

    My only tip is to not use it when you wash the floor... as it can leave a powdery film unless you do a second mop over of just plain water.

    AND it's sooooo cheap. like 94c for a box.

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    Mar 2005
    Rockhampton QLD

    I LOVE my Dyson Vacuum too!!

    And the second thing is...Gumption Paste! Yep! It got permanent black texta off my cream walls in my new house, and pen and texta and pencil and scuff marks and......the list goes on and on..4 boys! Put it to the test!!!

    Jan xx

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    Jul 2005
    Rural NSW

    From the start of reading this thread I thought to myself "Oh, I've got to mention Gumption!" And there it is on the last post! My other 4 are:

    Morning Fresh Detergent: My 900ml bottle was opened in January and will see me through to December and despite having a dishwasher that requires powder I cook nearly everything from scratch and you can't always put pots and pans in there!

    CitroClean: the authentic real citrus product... quite expensive but has also lasted an incredibly long time... the volatile oils in it clean to a similar strength as tea-tree/ eucalyptus oil but leave a nicer scent (much nicer than the fake citrus products).

    EasyOff Oven Cleaner: does exactly what it says.

    Drive Laundry Powder: In 12.5kg boxes Soooooo much cheaper than buying it in the supermarket... works out to be $3.25 per kilo if you get it on special.

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    Feb 2005

    Sabco/Oates mitts - I'm with the other girls on this one. I have a lot of wooden furniture that requires polishing/dusting and it's great not to have to use Mr Sheen first. I have one Enjo mitt but the other brands came out about the same time I purchased it so I went with the cheaper option. Works every time!

    Vax - Great for when the cat and I were both shedding at once. Now there's just me but there's still so much hair. What the ...?

    Blast citrus dishwashing detergent - $2.96 from Safeway so it's inexpensive, smells great and you need only the tiniest bit.

    Spray and Wipe Lavender and Citrus - does nice things to my kitchen.

    Shower Power - it really works! (Actually I think that's their slogan).

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    Feb 2003
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    1. Orange Power General Purpose Spray. Cleans really well and I love the smell. I like the whole orange power range, the air deodoriser is great for toilets too.

    2. Rubbedin's Kettle Magic. As per my post in the other forum:

    Today I decided to try something to get the awful black crap out of my kettle, so I saw a product called Rubbedin 'Kettle Magic' and thought I would try it. Well, IT REALLY WORKS - PERFECTLY!!!!!!

    It cleans and descales, my kettle has no black whatsoever and the ingredients are natural, safe and non toxic - citrus based I think but is organic and biodegradable. But if you have a yucko kettle or urn like I had, its really quick, simple and easy to do. It cost something like $3-$4 for a pack of two sachels, of which one is enough to fix it. Australian made and owned too!!! So now there is no excuse to clean your kettle LOL! I got it from Coles.

    3. My Dyson. It's not comparable to other vacuums!!! I love it.

    4. To be continued!!!
    Kelly xx

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    Sweetie Guest

    mine are nil odour, in a spray pump, really nice smell. gumption excellent, orange power for carpets, car seats and lounges. Windex degrease for you guessed it windows. There's a really good anti mould can't remember the name right now.

    What would anyone recommend for moths in the food pantry?


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    *TamaraP* Guest

    MYO - buy it about every three months and I use it once a week in drain holes to give them a nice clean.

    Morning Fresh - best dishwashing liquid ever used, hardly use it unless Alan is washing up.

    PinoClean Showescrub - Spray leave for Ten, wipe and its clean smells nice too. In fact anything PinoClean I love... especially their bacterial surface spray.

    EasyOff Oevn - best oven cleaner by far for me.

    Rubber Glove - I know sounds weird, but if you have animals that malt, this is the best thing to get their fur off cushions, couches anything just rub!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I love the enjo bathroom glove too, but not the kitchen one.
    I love Radient washing powder.
    I wish I had a dyson.....lol so my stupid vacuum cleaner is not onthis list lol
    I have been using pine on clean spray, I thnk its lavender, but I also love vanilla fridge wipe, the smell is divine.
    um can't think what else. I love the idea of Enjo but I like things to smell nice so thats where I had my trouble,
    I know I love my enjo dust glvoe, it works so well, although MIL will tell you I don't know how to dust...LOL Biatch
    I must admit I am no clean freak, I do like things o be cvlean but find it very hard to keep up with it, seems like I shoul timetable the housework so it gets done. LOL
    cheers michelle

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    Feb 2006

    After trying a lot of products while sharing a house (her place) where we were only allowed to use certain things and in our own, i think i have started to have some favs. I have also just had some skin issues after using some types without gloves, so these are all things which dont cause me any issues.

    Pine O Clean Whether its the cleaner specially for the kitchen, bathroom or general, i like the smell, and it works + good value for money and the shower cleaner is brillant
    Harpic Toilet Cleaner and Harpic Gel Over the toilet Thingy You know they hangy thing i mean, well it cleans so well and keeps the toilet really clean, i dont have to use as much actual cleaner or do it as often
    Preen for Carpets it is magical! Our cat has spewed up the worst fur balls and dry food on occassions, and no one would even know it after using this on our plush cream carpets

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    Jul 2006
    Western Sydney

    I love the whole enjo range - I used the floor duster, floor fibre for polished boards, bathroom glove, kitchen glove and all purpose cloth. I also love Pine o clean anti-bacterial wipes for a mid-week clean, and the dettol wipes fr the toilet

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    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic

    Great thread, just quickly on the eucalyptus discussion.. I mop my floors (flooboards) it gives them a great shine, wonderful smell and it is a known ant deterrant, so great to use all around the house!

    Also, I love using vinegar on glass surfaces.

    Where do you get the vanilla fridge spray??

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I think Coles and safeway sell it, so most supermarkets prob would. I LOVE vanilla lol
    am waiting for my vanilla oil from bodyshop to go in my burner, yum!!

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    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic

    Thanks - I usually whizz in and out of the supermarket, I know where everything I usually buy is - might have to slow down and have a good look around. Will look for the vanilla spray tomorrow. I also use vanilla orchid (i think its glade) plug in, and i have vanilla hand soap and vanilla candles in my bathroom. Its a nice but subtle scent.

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    Jan 2006

    Magic Erasor
    Glen 20
    Earth Laund Det
    Spray n wipe

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    kellie3 Guest

    Question Top 5 cleaning products

    Can someone please tell me where to buy Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. I live in Ballina Northern NSW and have been unable to find it in the supermarkets here? It is supposed to be the best liquid for making bubble blowing mixture! Help would be appreciated.

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    grovedale Guest

    Cleaning products

    Mine are Eucalyptus oil, Tea tree oil, Bi carb soda & Vinegar

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    Dec 2005

    I would have to say Windex (for the bench tops!) Gumption - it really does clean everything! Eucalyptus Oil
    And I will have to come back for the next 2!

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    Jul 2006

    Rubber Glove - I know sounds weird, but if you have animals that malt, this is the best thing to get their fur off cushions, couches anything just rub!!
    As soon as I read that I HAD to try it. We have a Ragdoll cat and and dark coloured lounges, so needless to say, cream coloured cat hair not a good look! Well, I'll be damned it worked!! It did work better on one lounge than the other but I think that is due to the fabric types more than anything. Tamara, you're a genius...lol...now the vaccum doesn't have to get pulled out every day and this works so much better and faster!