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Thread: Ebay seller now unregistered

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    Default Ebay seller now unregistered

    just wondering..

    I won an ebay item and have not yet received an invoice.

    When I checked My Ebay it tells me that the seller is now unregistered.

    What should I do? I have had no contact from the seller should i email to organise payment or is this too risky?

    Sorry bit of an ebay novice this time around...

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    Eeek.. if I had won and not received an invoice and then the seller was unregistered.. I would ask the friendly customer service folk at ebay what they would suggest I do - but definitely not PAY until talking to them.
    Good luck!!

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    Seems like this is happening alot on EBAY at the moment. I'd contact live help or something first before contacting the seller.


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    personally i would write it of and try and find the same item and bid on that.

    As they are no longer a registered member you have no obligation to them

    best of luck finding the same item

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