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Thread: scammer help?

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    Default scammer help?

    hi all;
    So yesterday we listed my mums car on ebay for her. This morning we got a message from a man asking about the car. Primarily he woud like to buy it. DH and I think thats great, how easy was that.
    But I started to get a bit nervous about the guy.
    This afternoon he sent an email back asking a few questions about the car, with the last sentence being about him arranging shipping to ENGLAND!!

    So this really gets me worried. So I grabbed his email address and googled it. First thing that comes up is from another car forum in England where he is the subject of the thread. Basically he tried to scam a car from a guy from the forum. Thankfully the guy from the forum didnt get scammed, he sold his car to someone else.

    But what should I do now? I havent told mum any of this, I've searched ebay with his email address and ebay says there is no account with that email address, DH is at work and I will tell him when he gets home.

    Ive never had this happen to me and now I have no idea of what to do next. Any ideas?



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    Never, ever accept an offer from someone to buy something off eBay. Let the auction win. If the person wants it, let them bid for it. A lot of people who are new to eBay think "awesome, i'm being offered a great price and will get it straight away" but think about it - if the person is willing to offer you top dollar, why don't they just bid on the auction itself?

    You will always get a better price by letting an auction complete, and you will stop yourself being scammed - just about everyone who offers to buy outside of eBay is a scammer. You are also entitled to certai protections if you sell through eBay - if you make the sale outside of eBay, you don't get those protections.

    No one is going to seriously ship a car to England. This guy is scamming. Report him using eBay's tools, and let your auction run its course.

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    I went through this at the start of the year, I have bucket laods of offers to buy my car most were over seas, on ships in the middle of the ocean in the army, navy and airforce. All wanting to pay through PayPal. I reported everyone to Carsales, but they didn't do anything about them. I would say that is what they are doing as well, mostly because payment via PayPal is more accepted over EBAY.

    What do you have listed as the payment options? I would change that it must be picked up locally, that no shipping of the vehicle will be made.

    Leave it for auction and I hope you get a genuine buyer

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