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Thread: when do the ebay changes come in?

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    Default when do the ebay changes come in?

    The one where sellers can't give negative feedback but you only have 60 days to leave feedback?
    Is it the 1st may? or just some time in may?

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    I know there are other changes coming into effect 21 May & 17 June, but they don't mention about the feedback changes. So not sure on that one.

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    smiles4u Guest


    I was about to say the same as JODI ... Yeh, they mention all the NEW changes But no mention about the feedback system

    So, far the NEW changes have put me right off SELLING on eBay after being loyal to them for nearly four years ... I'm moving over to the OZtion auction website ... A couple of friends of mine are doing the same thing

    Though I reckon I will still purchase on eBay as long as more Sellers don't start putting up their postage cost to cover the higher selling fees involved or put the price of items up higher than usual

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