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    Ladies, I just need a little advice from SAHM and have put their toddlers in Childcare. I have a DD who is 2 and I am 6 months pregnant with my second baby. I am a SAHM and I love every minute of it. We go to playgroup and swimming once a week but I feel my DD would really benefit playing with other children and socialise without me hanging around. I was thinking about putting her into childcare for just 1 day a week for her to play with other kids and to have her own time without me. I also thought once this new bubba has arrived it would give me a day to do food shopping and shopping, cleaning etc. Bottom line is, do you think my 2 yr old would enjoy this and would she benefit from this as I am a SAHM and I don't want to seem like a lazy mother because I thought about putting my DD into childcare for 1 day. What are your opinmions and advice?

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    Dont consider yourself lazy for wanting to put your child into day care at all!

    Do keep in mind that preference for vacanices are given to children of working parents ahead of SAHM. So you may have to look at a few different places.

    You could also look for occasional care services that may be offered through your local council.. not too sure if any other organisations look after them.

    I know my kids enjoy it. I work part time so my kids need to go to child care, however if i was a SAHM my DD4 would still go to pre-school.


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    I have been a child care worker for many years, and think children can benefit greatly from the socialisation, if they are ready. Your little one enjoys other activities, so would probably love it after a little while!!

    My personal opinion though, one day is very hard to get used to. She will be gone for a whole week, then bought back again. I would reccomend maybe 2 mornings a week, so she can get a routine. I have had many children come just one day, and it was very upsetting for months, but more frequent, small visits usually work a treat. After a while she will ask to stay longer, and then she's ready!!

    She will probably love the time away when bub arrives too!!

    Good luck with your choice hon!!

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    hey there,

    i was a SSAHm (well, i worked weekend evenings) when DD was little, and when she was 2 and a half she started going to day care (with a preschool program)once a week.

    We had no other littlies around, so she only had me to play with.

    I believe this gave her the ability to develop teh kind of social skills that has enabled her to be such a happy, open, friedly little girl.

    There is nothing selfish about it, you are giving your little one some friends to play with!!

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    I also have worked in a childcare centre and now a sahm and i agree that it is hard for some children to get used to one day a week and i would suggest two days a week even just to start with till she gets used to it. And it also does NOT mean you are lazy, at the end of the day she will probably LOVE it and so will you. Its a good idea to start it sooner then later so she is settled before the new bubs arrives. Hope this helps

    Good Luck

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    Hi, I have my DD in childcare once a week, where she goes, they don't do half days - my preference would have been to put her in for two mornings a week - but from the first day she loved it, doesn't cry when I say goodbye and the childcare workers says she has a great time. My DH works away 6 weeks at a time, so I use this for my day off so I can recharge my batteries and hopefully be a less stressed out Mummy - all my family are overseas, so I really need this day for myself, but I loads done....

    Good luck with your decision, if your DD doesn't like it then you can always take her out again and try a bit later. I think most Day care centres have orientation where you take them along for a few hours for a couple of days before starting proper so you will get a feel for how she adjusting in this lead up time.


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    DD1 goes 2 days a week and loves it. She cant wait for Tuesday and Thursday to arrive! Has been going since 5 months old when i returned to work....not worked since July last year but she still goes and i think she would hate it if i did!

    Am now looking at putting DD2 into care as well for some Me time....

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    Thanks Ladies for all your advice and opinions, after talking to my DH we have found a wonderful childcare centre (which to me was the best out of the 5 I went and saw) to put our DD in. The only catch was, they only take a child on for 2 days minimum. (I ideally only wanted to put her in for 1 day) but after reading and also the advice from childcare workers today, my DD would find the transition alot easier if she went for 2 days a week. So we have decided to put her in on a Tues Morning for a few hours and then again on Friday from 9am - 3pm. I am quite sad and nervous but I know she will enjoy it and benefit from the socialisation. Now, what am I going to do with myself on these days????? Cry my eyes for the first couple of weeks because I will be so lonely!

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    Joss - I know you have decided on a 2 day a week placement but I just wanted to post (for other who might be interested) about my positive experience of sending our DS to CC for 1 day a week. I think it depends on the individual child, rather than the number of days. DS has always seperated from me reasonably well and thoroughly enjoys 1 day of CC, not crying at all. He is happy and settled and always had been. I don't think 2 days is necessary for all children, more depends on the childs personalilty. Actually, as DS doesn't sleep much at CC I would find more than 1 day a week to be detrimental for him. HTH those considering 1 day only. It can be quite fine.

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