thread: Oh dear.. they don't stand a chance!

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    Oh dear.. they don't stand a chance!

    Our kids certainly won't become social butterflies following our examples! LOL.

    I've been to 3 different meetings (2 evenings and one afternoon tea) at our preschool in the last week and I still have hardly any of the other parents to talk to. I swear I feel so socially backward when it comes to talking to other parents!!

    I struck up a conversation with a couple of mums, they know each other from mothers group. But nothing really clicked and it was kinda awkward. Plus when I asked about mothers groups etc cos I'd never done it, they were kind of shocked I hadn't done mothers group or playgroup.. and it made me feel like if I had I might have at least known a couple of mums at school!

    I think it doesn't help that there are ppl who already know each other outside of school, so they automatically start chatting afterwards, so it's not like a bunch of strangers all trying to strike up conversations with the person next to them kind of thing. I feel like we are the only ones that don't know anyone! I end up just going and chatting to DS's teacher or something LOL. It also didn't help that the ones I DO say a passing hello to at the gate weren't at any of these things.. I would have felt comfortable approaching them more than the ones that were there.

    Not really sure why I'm posting this.. not really after any advice I don't think. I'm kind of leaving it that once we're at big school next year I'll make the effort more to get to know a few parents, since a lot of the kids at preschool are going off to different schools anyway. But I seriously don't know what to talk about half the time. Yes school and the stuff the meetings have been about is an obvious choice, but seem kinda lame at the same time LOL.

    Aaaah... it's just bringing up all my teenage social insecurities LOL. Just have to remind myself of the friends we DO have and that DS does have other kids he plays with outside of school, even tho they don't go to school together.

    Thanks for reading

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    I'm exactly the same. DD is in Kindy and this is her second term. She started a term late so all the mothers know each other already and I'm left to stand on my own. I've become sort of chatty with one or two where I can say "hi, how are you?" but they always seem to join a group and chat away. I'm afraid I'm not very good at making friends and neither is DD.

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    Well, we've been going for a year & a half and I still don't know any! LOL.

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    Doesn't mean your offspring won't be a social butterfly - I swear my eldest knows and is known by EVERYONE. The number of people who say hello to her when we're out is phenomenal. She's quirky so she stands out a bit.

    Us on the other hand ... we've been here over a year now and we haven't got beyond 'aquaintance' with anyone from kindergym or playgroup, but we do make reasonably involved idle chitchat when we bump into people. But the others clearly know each other better than we do.

    We're in a small town though, so you're not local unless your grandparents are born here. But the town is very rapidly expanding so we are meeting lots of other people who haven't been here long either, which is good. Can't see us throwing any dinner parties for new close friends anytime soon though.

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    It is so hard to find your place especially when the group are already established. Situations like these do bring back our own feelings about school too. My DH is excellent at making friends where ever he goes and I am not. His advice to me was to be the initiater. Organise a meet up or just smile and say hello to people every time you see them, eventually you'll find someone who you click with. Hugs I know it is soooo hard