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    Rainbow Guest

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    What is adenomyosis? Do any of you have it? What should I know about it? Thanks.

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    maggie Guest


    hi, i have it, and just had a baby boy 8mnths ago.,. it is when your lining grows in the uterus wall. i dont get much pain from it, but others do.. i think meds for endo can help, but i have never been on any meds as my RE was not tooo concerned .

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    bel4 Guest

    Default adenomyosis

    hi rainbow,
    I may have adenomyosis, apparently hard to diagnose without taking a sample & looking at it under the microscope. It's endometrial tissue that embeds itself in the uterus wall, rather than just lining the wall & shedding off each month when we menstruate.

    I've been told about Mirena - an implant that delivers low dose hormones can help.

    These threads are so helpful - the illnesses are awful, but it's good to talk to others that are having similar experiences.

    Good Luck.

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