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Thread: Adnomysis kind of endo with a twist

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    Hi all
    Ever since I hit puberty I have had bad period pain. No ultrasound, HSG or Lap could find out the issue. In the end, after trying to fall pregnant for over a year, our fertility specialist referred me for MRI.
    That picked up that I had Adnomysis. A type of endo (I believe) which instead of going into your ovaries or stomach etc, grows in the walls of the uterus. Thus difficult to pick up.
    There's no cure, it can't be lasered out or anything but by going onto lucrin (what they give many IVF clients for 2 weeks) for 10 weeks, it kind of reduced it down to a level where my uterus was smooth enough and the lining could be complete. This isn't technically right but my best attempt to explain.
    Anyway, we had one shot at IVF through this (as tests showed all eggs/sperm to be good) and bingo we're now 10 weeks+5 pregnant.
    I had never heard of this before and at 34 had monthly pain for over 23 years! Glad to know what was wrong, fingers crossed the pregnancy will be ok.
    Good luck for anyone else with similar issues.

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    Shell, my mother suffered with this for years, and she had such major haemorrages every month, i remember my dad telling me when i was 11-12 to go to the public loo with her when we were shopping, just to make sure she didnt pass out. She even had to take hand towels with her, and i remember them being soaked.
    When i was 12, she had to have a total hysterectomy, as the doctor was afraid she would bleed to death with one of these haemorrages. She was fine after that, but she too suffered in silence for so many years.
    I am so happy that you are pregnant, and I really hope that with all the modern treatments available now, that you do not have to suffer anymore from this terrible disease.
    Wishing you a very Healthy and happy pregnancy

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