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    Good MOrning Ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried alternative theropy for their Endo?.

    I would really like to try and assist my body falling pregnant with our next child naturally....we had a Lap/hystoroscopy last time and although I will happily do this again if I have to I would love to try and fall pregnant without it!.

    I was thinking along the lines of herbs or acupunction or sharkra healing..something like that. I know they may sound a little out there for some but if anyone has tried these I would love to hear your experiances or if you know someone in the Sydney area that you have used and found good.

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    Hi try Sue Parson, at Fertile Mind and Body, at Southport on the Gold Coast. You can submit info via her website and chat on the phone. She will post your tonic to you. I opted for some herbal treatment prior to having my endo removed, and it reduced my pain by 85 percent. When we DH and I TTC again shortly, I am going to get back on the herbs, but this time with a baby making formula. Just google fertile mind and body.

    Leis x

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I always found acupuncture good in terms of symptom relief, I also had it in conjunction with our IVF treatment

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    Hi, I've just discovered a book at my local library called ENDOmetriosis By Kaz Cooke (I'm going from memory, she wrote the "kidwrangling" book, very humorous) anyway it is written in conjuction with her natropath and focuses a lot on natural therapies. I've found acupuncture helps with my migranes symptoms, my naturopath suggested linseed oil to boost my low omega3 levels, and I have read that cutting down on Soy products helps as they have too much oestrogen.

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    chellebellarina Guest


    I saw a great naturopath in Sydney, not for endo but for PCOS and she helped me so much, mostly through diet but also herb and knowing your body etc. I lost 10kg after going to see her and fell pregnant within 3 months...

    Her name was Claudette Wadsworth and she was such a lovely lady, and young which was nice as I felt really comfortable with her...

    I was also told that high levels of garlic and cruciferous vegetables can be helpful in treating abnormal cervical cells so not sure if it could be helful for endo too...

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    I see a natropath in Sydney for herbs to treat endo naturalling in conjunction with surgery - the Jocelyn Centre - specifically a centre for TTC, managing fertility. They take a holistic approach. I am also having acupuncture (in Newcastle) but I remember a fertility specialist acupuncture centre coming up at Rozelle when I googled acupuncture. Can't remember the name of the centre though, sorry.

    Hope this helps,


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