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Thread: any one to help with PCOS

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    Cass trying to get help Guest

    Unhappy any one to help with PCOS

    hey i am 28 years old and have been trying to fall pregnant for about 6 years and am just about to give up. i have PCOS i am over weight i have insulin resistant as well i find that the medication makes me sick. i have tried to loose weight but well!!!! i have been through IVF and have embryo's sitting there but i am at a lost cause can anyone help please PLEASE I am trying very hard to be optamistic but it is hard


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    Big hugs to you!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I have PCOS and insulin resistance and am long term TTC as well (but not as long as 6 years though). It is a long, hard slog!

    Which meds make you sick? Regular Metformin? Have you heard about the Extended Release Met? That is supposed to lessen side effects a lot. Lots of women can't tolerate regular Met, but love the XR stuff.

    What about taking something like Avandia for IR and help w/ weightloss? Only thing is, you can't TTC on it. But perhaps you could take it for a month or two or more, see if it helps you lose weight - if you lose some, you could then decide to stop it when you were happy w/ the weightloss and use those embies?

    Are you eating low GI and exercising as well? Some women find if they don't eat right, the Met makes them sick! Are you eating enough when you take the Met? If you don't have enough food in your stomach, it can also make you sick.

    Are you a member of POSAA? Check them out, if you don't already know about them - they're great for support - [url][/url].

    Hope this helps...

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    Cass trying to get help Guest

    Smile Trying to sort things out

    hi thanks Shellshell,
    i have started on diabex again. i have been on it for about 5 days know and i think that it must be starting to work i have nauseated fromit but i am being persistant with that. thanks for your support. I have been trying to stick to my diet and well i am starting to feel better health wise and i have lost a couple of kilo's.

    Thanks Cass

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