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    Default a bit of news for me

    Hi everyone,
    I saw my endo on thursday. Told her how i haven't had af for over 60 days. She was really perplexed, cos Metformin is supposed to fix that. Anyway, she did some bloods, and and internal u/s. She said that it looks like i ovulated a few days before (the saturday before the app, i have very bad pains that i hadn't ever felt, it must've been the ovulation). Anyway, she seems to think AF will come soon, and that in 7 weeks i have to go and have a test, not sure what it's called, but the put dye in you to see if thing are blocked(?). DH has an app for a sperm analysis, so that is good. She did'nt mention Clomid, when last time i saw her she said i would start it. I am relieved tho, cos i wasn't sure why i should have it when i already ovulate.
    I am feeling more positive, now that things are being done. I guess it's all the waiting.
    I hope you are all well

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    I hope you get some answers soon. I know how frustrating not knowing can be. Fingers crossed 2004 will be a fertile year for all of us!


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    Hi Cat great to hear from you.

    I had dye studies done at my last laproscopy back in 2000. Just be prepared for the blue coloured wee (if they use blue dye on you) also the dye's made me feel quite nauseous as well when I was up and about, so just another thing you should be wary off.


    Love :smt049

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    Good luck with both yours and your Dh's tests, hopefully they will give you some answers....

    I agree with Cailin, fingers crossed for a very fertile 2004.

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    thanx girls, i am sure this will be a fertile year. Kathryn, was the procedure painful? My endo says to take some painkillers before i go. I ama sissy when it comes to pain.

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    Hi Cat

    I had mine done under general anesthetic, when I had a lapraoscopy. They gave me pain killers after I came out of recovery.

    Love :smt049

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