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    Tayla Guest

    Default Bowel Endo

    Hi Ladies,

    Haven't been around for a bit... keeping busy and all.

    I'm pretty clued into this endo thing by now... although I'm damn sure there is lots more to know... and I'm actually curious to hear from anyone who may have had Bowel Endo.

    I have previously had it removed apparently very close... and also from the pouch of douglas... both times the endo has caused considerable pain. I've just been through a bit of food poisening which resulted in days of diarrhea and very very painful bowel movements including blood. I did not know for somewhat 4 days what I had... and even now knowing... still think that the pain was more than just food poisening.

    I have always had painful bowel movements but lately they seem to be getting worse... and consulting my trusty sourcebook... I have to wonder... my Gyno said all was fine last time but if it was indeed in my intestines and bowel there would need to be a more thorough investigation.

    I am back to see him in about 3 weeks... but just wondering if there is anybody else out there that has been through this side of things.


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    *Beccy* Guest

    Default Hello

    Hi Karen

    Sorry to hear about your food poisoning episode, I had FP about 2 months ago and ended up in hospital for 5 days with my all bladder enlarged etc.

    Anyway, I'm 31yrs and I've suffered from Endo since I was 12yrs. I have endo right next to my bowel, and I got to the point where I would faint when I had a bowel motion during my period. Now, after 1 child I've found that the endo isn't as bad as it was, but I still find it very very painful to release my bowels and I just wondered if there is something that you've been doing to help relieve that pain?

    What did the doctors say about the blood in your stools etc after the FP episode?

    Will chat more when I get time.
    Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Karen

    I have was diagnosed with endo at the age of 20 but have never had it near the bowel that I was aware off so I can't really help you out with that.

    Love :smt049

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    Tayla Guest


    Thanks girls!

    Becky... I have just recently had a colonoscopy to see if all is ok with my bowel... to which it is... and I've since been advised that I have irritable bowel sydrome... just grand to go with my endo!

    But anyway... my specialist has put me on colofac which is supposed to help relax the bowel... I've been on them 3 days and thus far... I have had much less pain and discomfort... so that's good.

    Will see how it goes and what the doctor says when I see him in 4 weeks.

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    *Beccy* Guest


    Tayla...Thankyou...I wonder if colofac would help me "at that time of month" to get past the extreme pain of bowel movement.

    My MD today told me that my endo has returned with a vengence - 2 1/2 years after the birth of my daughter. My husband and I have decided to try for #2 and if I do not conceive in the next couple of months, I have to see my Gyno/Obst for more testing.

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