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    fidaly Guest

    Bowel Endometriosis

    Hi Guys

    I have just come across this fabulous website and wish I had found it earlier. I only discovered this as I am 9 weeks pregnant today and I was looking up info on pregnancy.

    I was diagnosed with endo when I was 22. I am 31 now. Firstly I did read how some people were concerned they would not conceive due to this condition but I myself and many people whom I have met over the years with endo had no problem conceiving. Also I am told falling pregnant will help with the endo.

    I have also always suffered with bowel problems, constipation and bloating. I have done all the things like increase fibre, drink water etc. I wasn't sure though if endo in the bowel is causing this. Could this be diagnosed. I desperate to find a cure for this. Of course it is much worse now being pregnant. Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated.


    Fiona O

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    hi fidaly

    I am another that fell pregnant easily while having endo, but there are alot of women that can't so I consider myself to be very lucky. Yes falling pregnant can help with endo for up to 2yrs after the birth cause of the hormones.

    Where you actually told you had bowel endo as few than 10-15% of people with endo actually have bowel endo but alot of people do have bowel complications.

    Here is a site that might be of some use to you Bowel Endometriosis

    Love :smt049

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    fidaly Guest

    Thank you so much for the info. I will definitely be seeking some more advice on this next time I see my doctor. Love to find a cure or at least a remedy for this.

    Thanks again O

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    Tayla Guest

    Hi Fidaly,

    I too have endometriosis... but I have trouble falling pregnant... luckily I did manage it twice.

    I too have many problems with constipation and bloating... I get major cramps with pain and discomfort... to which I resorted to taking metamucil to try and keep me regular.

    Thinking too that I may possibly have bowel endo... it's been everywhere else! I went back to the docs to investigate. I also get vaginal bleeding at times of bowel movement to so my gyno is thoroughly investigating.

    I have just had a colonoscopy done to see if all is ok with my bowel and apparently all is normal... to which case the new doctor tells me I have irritable bowel syndrome... great! not! Apparently the some peoples bowel can be more sensitive and it spasm's causing pain and discomfort.

    He's put me on tablets that at present I am taking 3 times a day. I have only been on them 3 days but have noticed and improvement with my pain and cramps.

    I'm still having further tests to investigate the rest of my problem... and I may yet have to go in for my 7th lap... but at least at present I have some relief.

    As for pregnancy helping your endo... it all depends on the individual... some women it cures... others like myself... it doesn't... I have it re-occuring... although finally it does seem to be settling somewhat since I've been on Brevinor 1.

    All I can say to you... is investigate it as soon as you can... might be best after the pregnancy obviously.

    Good luck with everything!

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Dear Astrolady...

    Hi, my name is Becky and I am 31yrs. I have only recently re-joined the Belly Belly website. I have had endometriosis for approx 15yrs. It took my husband and I, two years to fall pregnant with our daughter and we have decided (today) to start trying for #2.

    The main reason is that my endometriosis has returned (this month) with a vengence after 2 1/2 years ??? I honestly thought that once I had a child, my period problems would be fixed.

    Why does endometriosis return after approx 2 years after giving birth?


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    Neenie Guest

    Hi Everyone

    Im feeling very confused about the endometriosis topic. We have been TTC for 3 months now and I have suffered with severe period pain for the last few years and it is progressively getting worse. I visited my GP and she has said that it sounds like endometriosis.

    She said that if I was referred for further testing, it will delay the baby making process if I do indeed need surgery. She suggested that we keep trying to conceive for another 3 months and then if I am not pregnant to go for an ultrasound to see whats happening down there.

    This is a very embarassing question but does anal bleeding have anything to do with endometriosis? This happens with bowel movement and is very painful, I also experience period pains a few days after I finish AF which remain for a few weeks then they minimise and kick back in 1 week before AF arrives again.

    Im so sick and tired of feeling like this for most of every month.

    If anyone has any advice or similar experiences I'd love to hear from you.


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    Hi Neenie

    I never experienced bowel bleeding with Endo. Maybe you should have further investigation done first !! I feel pregnant 3 months after my very first lapraoscopy, so not sure why your GP said it would delay the baby making progress.

    Love :hbeat:

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    fidaly Guest

    Hi Neeny

    I was diagnosed with endo when I was 23 yrs old, I am 30 years old now and am 17 weeks pregnant.

    I was trying to conceive for a few months before I fell.

    Approx every 2 years I have a laparoscopy to remove the endo from my ovaries etc. My period pain is much better once this is done.

    I have had some bleeding from my anus, however this was caused by hemoroids as I am always constipated, I think this too is linked to my endo.

    Are you seeing a specialist at the moment. I think you will need to have a laparoscopy done in order to see how severe your endo is. I remember one time my right ovary was covered and also had large cysts on it, but it was much better the next time I had it done.

    Hope this helps


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    Neenie Guest

    Hi Ladies

    Thanks for your advice and comments. After having a chat with DH last night I have decided to book in with my GP to get a referral and sort this mess out that is happening downstairs.

    The reason my GP said the baby making would be delayed is from the anestheatic that is used during a laparoscopy, but if you managed to fall pregnant so soon afterwards Im up for it!

    Thanks girls


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    *Beccy* Guest

    Dear Neenie. I was diagnosed with Endo when I was 18...I am now 31. I have a daughter and my gyno said that it doesn't matter how much or how little endometriosis I have, it will not stop me falling pregnant. He went on to say that he has some patients that are riddled with endo and fall pregnant at a sneeze and others that have minimal endo and have alot of go for the laparoscopy...I did and at least you know what you're dealing with.

    My treatment was to take the contraceptive pill for 3 months and then have a period...thus limiting the amount of bleeding and pain each month and the less bleeding, the more chance of the endometrium tissue to die off.

    See your GP....let me know what happens.

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    msxcarmel Guest

    Dear Mumofone

    Who is your gyno? Ive never heard a gyno say that.....we have to talk,would you please email me as this website wont allow me to email people direct.U may know how to use it better than me as im only new.
    Thanks Carmel - endo sufferer and 2 time laparoscopy, trying to conceive 2 months

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    *Beccy* Guest

    Dear Msxcarmel, I have updated my profile with my email address if you want to contact me direct. I tried to Prvivate Message you, but it wouldn't work.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hey Becky,

    Private Messages will only work if you are a platinum memeber. Here is some more info on platinum membership. Also if you go to your profile and change your privacy settings the 'email' button will turn up underneath your posts to allow people to directly email you.