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Thread: bowel resection for endo

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    Default bowel resection for endo

    i had a double bowel resection (40cm in total removed from terminal illeum, large intesting and rectum) appendix removed, bladder segementation, R tube removed and endo removed from ovaries in june last year.

    i was wondering if anyone that has undergone similar surgery is still experiencing bowel pain and stomach pain? im on synarel and have beeen for 10months but im still getting pain most days and find myself being unreliabel at work as im always leaving early due to the pain and discomfort.

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    I'm sorry to hear your still suffering YDI.

    I too have my old symptoms back - they were at bay during pregnancy and 6 mths afterwards but now back bigger and stronger than ever - I feel your pain. I too have just returned to work and worry about being unreliable again.

    Have you been back to the doctors ? What did they say ? Could you consider getting a second opinion perhaps ?

    Big Hugs to you dear.

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