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Thread: Can PCOS rear it's ugly head?

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    Default Can PCOS rear it's ugly head?

    Hi there,

    I was diagnoed with PCOS when I was 17. Although very slim at the time (and still are) AF just failed to ever show up. I was promptly put on the pill by my gyno which basically just masked the problem and AF arrived one month later. There was no need to do anything else as I was not TTC at 17 (thankfully!)

    Now that we are TTC I went off the pill and my first AF arrived on CD32 which was great. However I have not had one since then! I'm currently on CD45 with no signs on impending arrival. My GP has sent me for three blood tests which all showed I have failed to ovulate (done on CD21, CD28, CD35) but my ultrasound showed my ovaries were not classed as polycystic. Also, my sister has been diagnosed with PCOS about 2 months ago as I encouraged her to get it checked out becuase of my past history.

    Do you think its possible the pill only takes care of the PCOS for the time being? Could it be that now that I'm off the pill the PCOS could slowly return?

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Yes yes and yes. The BCP only masks the problem. I knew I had a problem and when I eventually came off the pill my AF's were spot on to start then got further and further apart then disappeared. I got checked out after my little sister was diagnosed with it after ttc for 18months with no luck. We were also ttc at the time and it was found then.

    Since you've already had the tests maybe they can give you a script for something to bring on your period then most likely they will put you on a drug called 'clomid' which makes you ovulate. It doesn;'t work for all people but in most cases within 3-4 cycles you may be pregnant!! Since I have PCOS I have used it both times and with Gemma was pregnant within 2 cycles and with Jasmine 1 cycle!! I also don't have the cysts on my ovaries just don't ovulate and have other symptoms like no or prolonged periods, weight around my middle(I'm not overweight though) and I can't think of the others!LOL!Damn preggie brain!

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