I am new to this site, but not new to PCOS. I was diagnosed 15 years ago in Canada when I had problems conceiving etc. etc. I realize this site is for those trying to conceive or just new to the whole baby thing but I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I noticed a message from one of you about a great doctor. (posted Sept 24th, 2004 by "Pee")

I have been unable to find a doctor that I am happy with. I spent some time in Kalgoorlie where I didn't have a regular GP. My first doctor in Perth just took my word for it, didn't run any tests and put me on the pill and Metformin. My present doctor told me I didn't need to have tests and to stop taking Metformin. I would really like to have a regular doctor with lots of PCOS knowledge.

Can anyone help??? Thanks