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Thread: Clomid Cycle Days??

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    Default Clomid Cycle Days??

    Hi girls.. i am new here.. just wondering what days your take clomid..

    And why your doc says to take on those days

    My first cycle was 5-9 now this one is 2=6


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    my RE always has me take it cd5-9 because I do o on my own but this was supposed to help me regulate a bit better etc

    3 cycles cd5-9 resulted in pg (m/c)
    3 cycles cd5-9 resulted in pg (m/c 10weeks)
    2 cycles cd3-7 resulted in healthy pg ( I was supposed to take cd5-9 but I adjusted it myself)

    so far I have taken 5 cycles cd3-7

    this really hasn't answered your question

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    Taking Clomid earlier in the cycle (2-6) will get more follies develop.
    Taking it later in the cycle (5-9) will get less follies grow, but you should still get a dominant one.

    For me, I used Clomid 2-6 cause I had low follicular recruitment, so the idea was to get me to have more follies with the hope of getting a good dominant one and a good CD14 O.

    Others need the more mature follies from taking it cd5-9.

    Did you O with taking it CD5-9?

    Good luck.

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    I am the same as Rach, i take it from days 5-9 but i do O on my own.
    So far i have had 2 cycles 5-9 it too ended in m/c at 4w5d.
    I am being reassed next cycle so for this one i will continue to take it days 5-9.

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    Thanks girls.. I did 0 on 25mg on CD5-9 and now on 50mg CD2-6.. which i adjusted on my own.. with asking another doc.. not mine.. So fingers crossed.. i heard it made people 0 earlier.. i dont think it will happen with me..

    And i do 0 sometimes on my own as well..

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