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Thread: Clomid/Metformin costs?

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    Lexie Guest

    Default Clomid/Metformin costs?

    Hi Guys,

    This may sound like a silly question to ask - but I am wondering what sort of costs are involved with the whole Clomid/Metformin treatment? I know that IVF gets rather expensive but I have no idea what I would be looking at for the other treatments. If someone out there can give me a round about figure that would be greatly appreciated. I guess it does not really matter because at this point in time Hubby and I would sell our right arms if we had to but I'm just curious.

    Chat soon....
    Lexie xo

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    Sal Guest


    Hey, Lexie. I'm on clomid and metformin at the moment. The good news is that both are cheap - approx $20 for a box of clomid and similar for metformin. A box of clomid may do you two cycles, depending on your dosage, whilst a box of metformin lasts 5 weeks, assuming that you take 3 tablets a day (the max dose).

    Hope that helps.

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    Lexie Guest


    Hi Sally,

    Thanks heaps for the does put my mind at ease. Dealing with the fact you have a fertility problem is bad enough...adding to that the cost of doing something about it had me a bit worried. But I will take it one step at a time. Thanks again

    Lexie xox

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