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Thread: Clomid - probably a silly question

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    Default Clomid - probably a silly question

    Ok, so last cycle was my first on clomid, took from days 5-9.

    Bleeding slowed and stopped over days 10-22.

    Question: do the days you take clomid dictate, or at least influence, the days of AF?

    Going to take clomid from 4-8 this cycle (cos I can't wait until tuesday LOL and plus from reading other's postings on what days they take clomid and 4-8 seem to be more the go).

    So would this possibly mean that AF might go away over days 9-10, or it is just a coincidence?

    I mean for me, my cycles had been 3 WEEKS af then 3 weeks off (thank god!), but last cycle, aside from the fact that it was 42 days, was extremely normal as far as bleeding goes ... something which I haven't experienced for quite a few years (about 5).

    Any opinions and similar experiences would be great to hear ... most of you girls here are a lot more experienced at this sort of thing that me.

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    Cass Guest


    BC - have you had your excessive bleeding investigated??

    I too had 'bizarre' AF - both before and after pregnancy.

    Apparently it should control AF - but I didnt experience that at all.

    If I were you - go back to your Gynie and tell them what is happening. I would be more concerned that something else isnt causing the excessive bleeding.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I also took clomid (50mg) but never experienced the bleeding you have. Although my period was often up to 3 months late!Perhaps you may need a higher dosage of clomid? I definetely would speak to your gyno about it though.


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    Neither my regular GP or my gyno has never really said anything about the excessive bleeding other than "bummer" ](*,)

    But I think the clomid is helping it somewhat.

    Last cycle only bled for 10 days, then this cycle it was only 6! So I'm pretty happy in that respect.

    Have an appoint with the gyno in a couple of weeks so will talk to him about it then.

    Was feeling pretty high tonight at my night job just thinking and then got all excited cos unlike last month, i actually think i might O this month!!

    Already informed the hubby he better be up for lots of cos I won't take no for an answer!!!!

    Ok ... so here's another question ... My doc last month and this month wants blood tests done on day 21 ... does this mean that if I'm going to O at all, it should be before then??

    I really have no idea, but read that lots of women O really late sometimes, but does the clomid make it earlier?

    Oh, and last cycle I was on 50mg clomid, this cycle 100mg.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    It does seem like the clomid is working then if your period is getting shorter!!!!!!!!Yeh!!!!My gyno said to BD like crazy from days 9-17 just to be sure!Even on clomid I ovulated late...I think it was day 19 so the test at day 21 is done after they think you should have ovulated.Most people do ovulate before that because on clomid I'm pretty sure you ovulate 5-7 days after your last pill.I took clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle and ovulated day 19, I used ovulation predictors to pinpoint it and I got pregnant that cycle!


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    Wow Kirsty! So happy for you .. and not long to go now either! It will fly by trust me!

    My SIL in preggas and is due in 2 weeks, feels like only last week that mum was saying she had 2 months to go!!!

    Going way too fast but I can't wait to be an aunty! That little baby GIRL!! is going to be so spoilt

    Hubby's already been told that if he can't cope everyday, I want BDing every second ... bring it on! lol

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