thread: Costs of Endo surgery? Public patient?!?

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    KTMama Guest

    Question Costs of Endo surgery? Public patient?!?

    Hello Everybody!
    I'm new here and REALLY need some help, i have just been diagnosed with endometriosis, After a horrific misscarriage, that needed surgical removal, it also took 14 months to get that baby and my other 3 only took 6 months each! So A really great time at the moment! I am going to the Gyno Wednesday week and I know I have to go into day surgery and have all of the adhesions removed, its looking like my cesarean has caused it, I have never been a sufferer of this condition They've left a bit of lining on the outside of the uterus and it has spread like wildfire over my uterus and onto my bowel and stuck a section of bowel to itself.
    Does any one know what sort of costs Im up for? I DONT have health insurance,(bloody wish i did now!)
    P.S I must admit I feel a little alien on this site as I have developed this condition AFTER having 3 beautiful babies, I've read alot of the posts and I ache for the pain some women are experiencing, please dont feel angry at me.

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    Firstly i am very sorry for your loss

    No one will feel angry at you for having 3 beautiful babies!! Everyone here is supportive of each individual reguardless of their situation.

    I'm not sure if i can answer your question fully but i had a lap in june and even though i have private health insurance and it didnt cost me anything i still got a copy of what expences were covered. I think it was around $900.

    Mine was very straight forward as nothing was found, it may cost more depending on the amount of time your surgery would take. Also this was private hospital costs, not public.

    Someone else will probably be able to give you a better indication, but this was my experience.

    Best of luck to you and i hope the op clears everything!!

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    KTMama Guest

    Hi Kristy,
    Thank you for your answer, i appreciate your glad yours went well for you and I wish you the best luck, I hope the stars shine for you soon!!!

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    hey KTMama

    I had a lap done around 3 weeks ago and i have no private health insurance, but i went through a private hospital, had my fs do the surgery and pay for the anasetic man too all up it cost me around $3000 trust me i wish i had bloody insurance now

    My fs cost me $1200
    hospital bed for the day was $1016
    and anasetic was $700

    i did get $523 back from medicare and they said i can claim some of this on tax next yr.

    but the reason why mine cost so much was because my fs doenst operate through public hospitals

    best of luck with everything and let us know how you go.

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    KTMama Guest

    Hey Mummy2Chloe,
    Thanx for your help, Oh no!!!! Thats alot when you live week-to-week, isn't it! I appreciate the costs but, Im seriously worried though that with christmas and my eldest turns 11 on 7/12 I just wont be able to do it! Hey can i ask how does clomid help you?
    Thanx again, Kt

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    hi KTMama
    i am sorry you have endo and for your loss. it must have been a big shock.

    as MrsB26 says everyone is welcome here and everyone is very supportive.

    i think it depends on what your doctor offers. if they are happy for you to be a public patient then that may be a good option for you. i went public with my first op. i waited about 3 months and had day surgery. i wasn't guaranteed my dr would do it as their registrars (drs training to be specialists) may do it under supervision or alone if they are pretty experienced. the specialist woudl be available for assistance though. this option is free and you just need to get your dr to put you on the waiting list.

    the other option private can be expensive and the cost may depend on the severity of your endo. large amount of endo takes longer to remove and hence more theatre time. my second op was private with a great specialist that i trusted. i think after medicare I paid him $400 and the op was about $3400 (i had private health insurance by then). the anesthetists was about $400 after medicare.

    would be worth finding out if your gyno is also an endo specialist. they aren't always and they may send you to someone else for this. treating endo can be quite fiddly and specialised and it is worth finding out whether it is something they are experienced in, especially as you already know you have it. there is an endo support group, whose name escapes me at the moment that can provide you with names of doctors that treat it, if you needed that.

    best of luck with your appointment.

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    hey KTMama

    it was pretty expensive, we had to get a small loan to pay for it, as there is no way we have that sort of money laying around. I find the clomid pretty good, i ohss on 50mg last cycle because of my pcos so this cycle i had to go down to 25mg. i ended up making 2 beautiful eggs this cycle so thats good. i hope everything goes well for you, let us know ok cos we will be thinking of you

    take care

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    KTMama Guest

    Thanx soo much for your reply... that is such a short wait! Im a bit excited by that, there is a good chance he will operate in a public hospital, cos he bulk bills all cosultations..well I can hope!! Thank you too for your good wishes, Its a strange feeling, to have 3 great pregnancies (well except for my last which I had full placenta pravea and needed a c- section AND thats where all of this has come from!), make lovely healthy babies and then NOT be able to, it's strange. This site, I must admit, has really helped me put things into perspective, I don't know how you breathe some days, it must be such a crippling feeling! Good Luck to you also!! I will all cross my fingers and all my toes for you!!

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