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Thread: DESPERATE FOR ADVICE!!! -- PCOS, insulin resistance, infertility and more!

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    Default DESPERATE FOR ADVICE!!! -- PCOS, insulin resistance, infertility and more!

    I am hoping that by posting this I can get some advice from some of the lovely women on this forum. I am feeling a bit low today and I need some hope!!
    I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid-20s. My periods have been wildly irregular throughout my life - sometimes being up to a year apart, sometimes lasting for 20 days, sometimes being 5 days long every 28 days...and so on. At the moment they are every 40 days or so and last about 5 days but are very painful and clotty (sorry if TMI!)
    I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis about 3 years ago, and, more recently a FS/endocrinologist I have been seeing says she suspects endometriosis too Although this hasnt been confirmed by a laproscopy. My most recent ultrasound (a week ago) showed lots and lots of small cysts on both ovaries, and my adeno is diffuse, and uterus enlarged.
    I have slight hypothyroidism. I am about 35 kilos overweight (and finding it very hard to lose). And I am TTC my 2nd. I have an 8 year old.
    I dont ovulate every month. Not sure how often I do, or when...
    I have a few questions I am hoping someone out there can answer....

    * I am not sure if I am insulin resistant or not. My last blood test said my fasting glucose level was 5.2Is this indicative of insulin resistance?? I should mention my good and bad cholesterol levels are "perfect"

    *If I am insulin resistant will metformin, etc help with weight loss and conception??

    *Can anovulation (no ovulation) lead to weight gain? or make it harder to lose weight?

    *will clomid help someone like me?

    I am feeling very down - like I said. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. And have been trying to lose weight even longer...

    Any advice or information would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

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    I can't help with it all but maybe can with some.
    You talk about a FS/endo - is he a 100% endo?? If not - go see one.
    Yes metformin can help with ovulation and hence fertility. It assists some with weightloss but not all.
    You need to follow a low GI diet for insulin resistance so if you are not sure, please see a dietician.
    You really need to get your sugars under control then because you're 39 would tell you to run - not walk to IVF.
    Don't mean to frighten you but there are/were a lot of us here that just started too late and would hate you to experiment first before
    going to the hard hitter - IVF.

    Good luck..

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    hi, i don't have much to help with, but i think your fasting blood glucose level was normal.
    and in terms of anovulation and weightgain, there has been a link, also with the PCOS. the ovaries to secrete hormones and any hormone imbalances would cause other imbalances in your body (eg weight) the hypothyroidism would also lead to weightgain.
    i'm sorry i cant really help you anymore..i just seemed to tell you what you already know without any ways to help.
    But i'm wishing you and your partner all the best. good luck!!!

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