Hello all! Hope everyone is well. As well as you can possibly be.

Anyway, dh and I have relocated to Perth, and I am in search of a doctor. Not just any old doctor. I want a doctor who is knowledgable of PCOS and Insulin Resistance.

A doctor who is knowledgable of both, yet has a good bedside manner, someone who is not condescending, or borderline-to-blatantly abusive, or downright rude and insulting. I have had my fill of these a**holes. Apologies for the language but this is what it's come down to!

Can anyone here give me some names of (a) GOOD doctor(s) in the Perth area, so that I may get a referral from my GP and move on to the part of my life that I am so desperately desperately ready to begin: Motherhood! If so, please feel free to contact me a:
[email protected] My name is Kristi

Thanks everyone! Your help is greatly appreciated!