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Thread: diagnosed with endo 4 years ago -can I fall pregnant

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    msxcarmel Guest

    Default diagnosed with endo 4 years ago -can I fall pregnant

    Hi guys, after excessive period pain since I can remember I found out 3 yrs ago (during a laparoscopy after what was thought to be an ectopic pregnancy but was only a miscarriage)that i had endo,at the time it wasnt removed but Jan 04 it was removed by laparoscopy. Jan O4 ultrasound showed a mass in my pouch of douglas near my bowel hence why i had the Lap. They removed cyst on my ovaries, the mass, and fibroids.Ive had acupunture lost 10 kilos and gone vegeterian since Jan 04 and am now trying to conceive,its only been 2 months but u can imagine why Im concerned. The major problem is my serious pain when i have bowel movements and constant diahhrea. A recent ultasound showed cyst on my ovary but everything else clear.Im aware u cant see endo thru ultrasound and am confused if i should have a lap or wait.anyone have some grt fertility secrets for women with this horrible disease-WHEN WILL THEY FIND A CURE? Thanks Carmel

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    Hey msxcarmel,

    Huge :hugs: to you. I am so sorry to hear about the problems you've had TTC and you m/c. I don't really know much about endo so I can't help you there unfortunately, but I'm sending lots of :luck: to you and I hope things work out for you soon.


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    Hi msxcarmel

    I was diagnosed with Endo 8 yrs ago and have had 2 lapraoscopys. The first was when they found out I had it so it was all removed and I was put on Zolodex for 6mths and the second because i was bleeding midway through my cycle every month and my womb had a tethered texture when an internal was given. It was discovered that a ligament had adhered itself to my womb.

    I have since gone on to have two beautiful boys. With the first one being conceived 4 months after my last lapraoscopy, and after being told I would be lucky to ever have kids.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Hi MSXCarmel

    I too suffer from Endo. I have had it for 7 years, all of which so far has not been great. I have had 3Laps and still TTC. My last lap was after my m/c & ectopic (twins). The endo had come back with avengence and i actually had my bowel, bladder and fallopian tube all adhered to my womb. I have since lost my left tube, but you know through all that doom and gloom, I am still hopefull and have a very supportive ob. It has been 4cycles since my last lap, and am currently in my TWW, but I did a test today and it was a BFN, but as I said, it still does not mean it is over yet.

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    Hi, I have endo' and am currently 8mnths pregnant and have had a number of cysts removed... I was told there was a chance I would not have children and when I fell pregnant I was actually on the pill I had my periods for the first 3mnths of my pregnancy and actually found out i was pregnant in a routine ultrasond looking for cysts ... I was shocked! But very happy \/ ! They actually thought I was not going to carry, but i proved them wrong I have had alot of cysts appear during pregnancy and am not able to deliver naturally due to a large cyst blocking the birth cannal, But I am very lucky that my baby is healthy. So it is possible to fall pregnant with endo', but complications can occur during the pregnancy and it can be quite painful.... but its all worth it!

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    msxcarmel Guest

    Default Hey Astrolady

    Thanku so much for your info,all of the feedback im getting has really done me a world of good.i appreciate u taking the time to write to me.
    thanks again carmel

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    msxcarmel Guest

    Default Hey tam

    Wow Im truly blessed to have found this site, you have helped me realise that i cant get diheartened. Youve been thru alot and I wish for you total happy days.Excuse my ignorance cause im new here but what does TWW & BFN mean?
    Thanks Carmel

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    msxcarmel Guest

    Default Dear Mum2be

    Dear Mum2be,
    Congratulations and how exciting, seems like the next few weeks will be very exciting for you, have fun with it all and thanku for sharing your story with me, so many of u have inspired me so much.
    Ciao Carmel

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    Hey Carmel,

    The 2ww/Tww means the 2 week wait and refers to the Luteal Phase, the time between ovulation and your next period.

    BFN stands for Big Fat Negative, as in a negative home pregnancy test. BFP is the opposite meaning a positive pregnancy test.

    There is a thread [url=]here[/url] that contains a list of acronyms to help you out.

    All the best.

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