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    sophabulous Guest

    Default Diagnosing Endo

    I have suspected for a little while that I may suffer from endo, although I've never brought this up with my FS who at the moment is only treating me for PCOS

    My mum had to have a hysterectomy at 40 as her period pain was unbearable, and when I was younger (before I went on the pill) I also suffered extruciating pain. I still get pain now, but not as bad as before.

    I realise that the only definitive way of diagnosing endo is by lap - but have all of the ladies with endo undergone a lap, or has it been diagnosed any other way?

    For those that have had a lap, exactly what is involved?

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    I had a lap where endo was diagnosed. It is only day surgery which they do via keyhole surgery.

    You are usually back on your feet within 2 days. The worst pain was in my shoulder where gas that they used to blow up your abdomen got trapped.


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    Hi soph

    Wow hun, you are treading down my exact same path....I was treated only for PCOS, and i knew, as us woman do get that feeling that something else was still amiss... i did mention lap to my FS but he said 'look i will do one if you think you really want it, but i don't believe you have endo'... well i should of had the op done.... 6 rounds of clomid, my periods became so painful i couldn't go to work for 2 days of the month, i was depressed and anxious the whole time. IVF was suggested to us, and it was a dismal failure after only 3 eggs retrieved considering i was only 29 at them time. The egg retrieval was difficult and only then did my FS think 'oh looks like you could have endo'

    Finally he proceeded to do a lap, and the endo was so severe, he couldn't operate and had to refer me onto one of his collegues Dr Michael Cooper, the endo guru as he is affectionatley known as... 15000 dollars later, and two major ops, one involving a partial removal of my bowel 20 cm to be precise, and 6 cm lession removed from my bladder..... I am now all free of endo, and so much more happier and healthier and we have been told it is highly likely we could concieve naturally now, the endo is gone.

    What does a lap involve... Laproscopic procedures involve 2-4 small incisions into the stomach, usually one in the naval, one on the pubic line and two on the stomach above each ovary. They are often done for investigative procedure, and the patient is under for up to 1- 2 hours. The stomach is pumped full of gas to enable the surgeon to view the organs, and remove any biopsy required. Recovery is usually quick about a week, and often these days stitches are not used externally only internally (disolvable) to minimise scaring. It is usually day surgery, pending your outcome in recovery, if you are in some pain they might like to keep you overnight. But most pts leave the same day. Preparation the day before is usually clear fluids and sometimes bowel preparation and then nil by mouth from midnight. It is a very simple procedure and believe me they are very common. Where are you from? You might like to see Dr Cooper if you are in Sydney. If not look on the net and check out ECCA they have lots of specialised endo doctors around.

    Most importantly express your concern to your doctor. I have learnt from my gut feeling to go with it...

    take care leis xx

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    sophabulous Guest


    Leis - wow, thanks for that. I just saw the age difference between you and DH and that is the exact same gap between hubby and I. That's so freaky!!

    Thanks for the advice girls. I'm seeing FS on Tuesday so I will ask about it more then


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    Soph, if you ever want to email me please do so... just post again if you want my email address and i will post it on the forum... take care and get onto your specialist.. leis xx

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