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Thread: Does Implanon help endometriosis symptoms?

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    Default Does Implanon help endometriosis symptoms?

    Hi all,
    I have endometriosis, and I have an Implanon implant. I am still breastfeeding, so I'm not sure if my periods haven't returned because of that, or because of the Implanon. I am thinking of getting the Implanon removed, and getting a diaphram, just so I'm using a more natural method of contraception. However maybe I'll keep the Implanon in if anyone can tell me that the Implanon will prevent the period pain and IBS symptoms I get when I normally have periods. Has anyone found that Implanon helps with endometriosis?

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    I'm just wondering if you decided whether to remove your implanon? If not, I'd like to share my story.

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