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Thread: Dr Michael Cooper on RPA TV show

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    Default Dr Michael Cooper on RPA TV show

    Just a quick email to let you all know about Dr Michael Cooper appearing on RPA show tomorrow night (thursday 1st march) at 930 pm channel 9. This is the unreal ECCA surgeon who cleared my endo as well as 'Joels Girl' (who is now pregnant). Will be a great watch, and to see what happens to the young girl he operates on... (shhh she gets pregnant approx 2-3 cycles after her succesful surgery)...

    love leis x

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    Default wow

    Yeah, i watched that last night. isn't it amazing how clear the cameras are inside, and what you can see. (although i did get a little queezy watching) lol. just shows you how far medical technology has come today...fabulous.

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    i watched also and was amazed at the footage!! never seen inside a belly like that before,seeing the uterus and ovaries was fantastic, would love to see more, very facinated

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    It was amazing to see the uterus and ovaries. Made me feel queasy also as I'm not good with blood, etc...

    My wife and I are in a similar situation apart from the 2nd laparoscopy. Funny and coincidental she was booked in for her 2nd laparoscopy yesterday, saw RPA that night, and being pregnant which led to cancelling the laparoscopy...

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    I watched it and thought of so many of our lovely girls on BB. The procedure was amazing to watch, and it was really interesting to see the reproductive system from the inside - yep technology IS amazing.

    I hope all those undergoing similar treatment having equally quick success.

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    I found it quite confronting as I had a Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy just before falling pregnant with Kaitlyn ( thankfully) - and to see it was a little strange ..especially when they were burning and it was kinda smoking! . But makes me so thankful that there are specialists out there that can preform these kind of prodedures - which would not be easy on such a small delicate area!.

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    Cass I so agree with you... Michael Cooper did two major ops on me. One involving the bladder and the final one involving my bowel - and they hacked into both these organs as well as untangling the tubes ovaries etc... I was unsure as to how I would react to seeing the whole procedure before my very eyes.. I didn't know if my infertility would play havoc with me or I would feel queasy just watching the procedure.. (I am a theatre nurse too mind you) Neither thank goodness arose. I was super proud of my DH to watch it as he hates anything like that.. His only comment was 'How the hell does he know what he is cutting into?'

    I think it made DH more aware of what i went through....

    Leis x

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    Ohhhh I missed this, everyone has been going on about this.
    I to am going in for surgery soon for endo. But i have endometriosis on my womb and endometiomata on my ovaries with cysts on both. And Adhesions.
    I want to know what things are going to happen. It would of been wonderful to watch it. I hope i have as much luck as the lady on there did and fall pg soon after.
    Anyone know where i can get a copy from?

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