Hi all. I have just joined this website and am looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having a laporoscopy at 21.(i am now 36) I was put on hormone tablets but the side effects were horrible. I had my first child at 24 (all symptoms disappeared while pregnant), but within 6 weeks the symptoms returned twice as bad. I had my second child at 28, and same story although the symptoms were even worse. Finally i had a hysterectomy at 30 (ended up in hospital for three weeks due to complications) and thought i had seen the end of endo. About 12 months ago, i started to get cramps each month, but was told by the doc this is quite normal as i still had ovaries. Each month the symptoms got worse, getting to the point i was admitted into hospital on several occasions with large amounts of blood in urine and in so much pain, that injections of pethadine were given. Well i have been diagnosed by several doctors of having kidney stones, urine infections and even a suspected appendicitis, but no amount of tests pointed to any of these. Finally my doctor thought i had best see a specialist as it was starting to look like maybe it could be the big C. After having x rays, ultrasounds, and a cat scan, the specialist has diagnosed me with having endometriosis again. By the looks of the scans it seems it may be more around my right ovaries. I am now waiting to see another specialist to discuss treatment. My questions are 1. can endometriosis be seen clearly in a cat scan, or do i need another laporoscopy? 2. is it common for endo to come back after a hysterectomy?, and 3 what are my options?

I have been told that removal of my ovaries, and going into instant menopause might be a option, as my body will stop producing the hormone that triggers endo off, but i'm not real keen on this.

Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.