Hi all. I am new to this site and am still finding my feet. I was diagnosed with enodmetriosis when i was 21 by having a laporoscopy. I am now 36 with two beautiful children, 12 and 8. After each child the endo got severley worse and i ended up having a hysterectomy at 30. Up untill the last 12 months i thought i had seen the back of endo forever, but it seems to have reared its ugly head again. I thought by having the hysterectomy it would be gone forever, but have recently found out this is not the case.

When the symptoms first started again, they were quite mild, but over the months they have gotten quite severe, but only occur once a month around the time i used to get my period. First they thought i might have had cancer, but this has been ruled out, and a diagnosis was made after a cat scan was done. I am now waiting to see another specialist on the 8th of March to discuss treatment.

My question is, would they have seen the endo by the cat scan? I was under the impression that endo could only be diagnosed by a laparoscopy.

The doctors have suggested removal of my ovaries as this is where the endo seems to be, but of course it would mean going into instant menopause which i am not real keen on.

I am interested to hear from anyone on alternative treatment. At the moment i am dreading the time of the month when the symptoms ocur, as they last for anywhere from 3 to 7 days. I am on pain killers for this period of time with the last few times a trip to the hospital for pethadine injections.

I'm a single mother and cannot afford to be on pain killers on a regular basis.