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Thread: Endo ladies, what do we have in common?

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    Post Endo ladies, what do we have in common?

    I was wondering what we all have in common?
    I'll start- I don't know if any of it is relevant but I thought it would be interesting.

    I have had bad periods from an early age

    I suffer migraines (usually the day before my period)

    I am vegetarian (since I was 13)

    My mother had severe endo

    My endo became progressivly worse after the birth of my children (I didn't breastfeed)

    I've never been really athletic. I've only started exercising regulary the last 12 months

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    Hi Tahlanna

    I too have had bad periods from an early age

    I also suffer migraines from usually the day before the period starts

    I am not a vegetarian

    My Mother does not have Endo

    My Endo has not got worse since having children, recently gave birth to my 3rd and final child. I am breastfeeding.

    Excersise ?!?! what is that LOL. Only excersise I do is walkign my children to Kindy/Playgroup 4 times a week.


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    Bad periods from an early age.

    I don't have migraines

    I am not vegetarian but my diet is fairly heavily biased in favour of vegetables and fruit

    My mother did not have endo

    My endo has come back since my son was born. I was unable to breastfeed. It isn't worse than before though.

    I would not say I am athletic either but I always exercised regularly prior to the birth of my son.

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    shazam Guest


    i to had periods from an early age

    dont suffer migrains

    only 1 other person in my family has endo that is an aunty i come from a hugh family

    am not a vegetarian

    i played sports all the time growing up

    i have not fallen pregnant yet have been trying for over 12 months, lasst month had major 4 hour surgery to clean it up, it was only discovered just over a year ago that i had endo after many complaints to numerous doctors that some thing was wrong

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    I had painful periods from the time my GP put me onto the pill for my skin.

    I don't generally suffer from migraines, much better since having the Mirena.

    I don't know of anyone else int eh family having endo - too many men

    I'm not vegetarian, but do prefer not eating too much meat, or dairy.

    Avid athlete from young

    I haven't fallen pregnant yet, but have hat surgery one to remove the endo, which was behind my uterus, and suspect it is back with a vengence.

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    I have had painful periods since the first day i started (11)

    I use to pass out during the first 2 days of af

    I get slight headaches

    We think mum had endo

    My dad was a vegetarian I'm not.

    Was a dancer till the age of 15 now not very active

    I haven't fallen pregnant but will be starting IVF in the future.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    it is interesting to see everyone's reply

    painful periods from day one - 11 years old

    PMS migraines and headaches (not always migraines)

    Mum had endo and had hysterectomy at 42, one sister had suspected endo but never confirmed

    Was vegetarian for a while but felt better at the time

    not "athletic" but not a couch potato

    pregnant with #1 now so wait and see (hopefully it won't be as bad)

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    Painful periods from 14 years + - started when i was 12

    Headaches occasionally, but only if my cycle is a long one

    Only person in my family to have endo is my mums cousin. She has two kids and had a full hysto at 35

    Was vego for 4 years felt great

    Very athletic until i was about 26. Just started again.

    One pregnancy at 21 years, terminated at 8 weeks... Never been lucky enough since.

    No pain since endo surgically removed from bowel and bladder nearly 12 months ago..

    Miracles do happen!

    Leis x

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    Painful and very heavy periods from 12 years old

    Breakthrough bleeding from 14 years old, was put on BCP after ovarian drilling at 15 years old to stop the heavy periods.

    Migraine sufferer as long as I have been menstruating, start 2 days before my period and last the whole time. They were so bad I was on the disability pension for a few years.

    I am the only one in my family to have endo and PCOS

    The endo got worse after I had children, have had 2 surgical removals (bowel, uretha, repro organs, half an ovary) in a year period, 2 years ago.

    Developed severe PCOS last year, put on metformin for it.

    Tried vegan once for a 6 month period, but got very sick.

    Was very active (manual labour job) until 2nd trimesterish when pregnancy complications started.

    I'm still scratching my head how I got pregnant this time around, but there's hope for you all if I did.

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    Painful periods from an early age (put on the pill at 17).

    Migraines and hormone-related headaches

    Not vegetarian

    Mother doesn't have endo but had all sorts of other gynae probs resulting in a full hysterectomy at an early age.

    DS is only 11 weeks so not sure what will happen yet (b/fing)

    I was superfit as a teenager but not now!!

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    This is very interesting,

    How do you all manage your headaches/migraines?
    I currently take Imigran when one comes on and after about an hours sleep I get relief.
    I tried a daily preventative (can't remember the name) but it slowed me down so much I had trouble getting out of bed.

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    I just take night strength mersyndol which will knock me out for a couple of hours, but I try to manage as best as I can till I have my partner home, as with 3 boys there is no time for rest.


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    Mersyndol is my friend too! I only had a couple of migraines while I was pg. I'm not sure what I'll do now if I get one.

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    I used to use mersyndol and imigran. Imigran is so great, it even stops the vomitting, I have to take the nasal spray though, the tablets don't work.

    I can't use either whilst I am pregnant, so I've been managing through pregnancy with panadeine forte, only when I really need it.

    It is very interesting that most of us in this thread suffer from cycle related migraines...wonder if there is a link?

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    Hi Tara,
    I too suffer from migraines and imigran is my best friend too, but they run in the family - paternal grandmother, and father's brother are sufferers too. After 20 years of migraines, we are pretty sure mine are NOT cycle related. Makes them harder to predict, but it does mean that i can go 2 months without one so that's good.
    Panadeine Forte is a poor substitute, but it does mean i can at least function to a degree. Hoping to start IVF this month, so i am really NOT looking forward to what all the IVF drugs will do to the migraines.
    To answer the other questions...

    Periods weren't ever that bad.

    I suffer migraines (probably not hormone related)

    I am not a vegetarian

    My mother had no probs that she knew of.

    Never had kids ... yet

    I've never really been much of an athlete, but i try to walk every day or so - that's only been in the last few years.

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    Rainbow Guest


    As for me:

    Periods started at 13 and I remember them as always being painful, heavy & exhausting.

    I get headaches but I think they are more from the fatigue that the endo causes. Nothing I have tried seems to do much for them.

    I'm not vegetarian.

    My mother most probably had endo.

    I haven't had children, yet

    Not much of an athlete.

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    Hi Ladies,

    This is very interesting reading...

    I started periods at 11, had a lot of pain until I was about 13, and the it settled down, but always bleed heavily and lasted about 7 days.

    Have always been relatively active/gym etc through my teens and on and off in my 20's.

    The Pill didn't agree with me and my moods/weight etc, always better off it. Tried Marvalon at age 22. Went from a B cup to D cup in 14months and told that I was allergic to this form of contraceptive (only one on the market with certain type of hormone).

    Didn't seem to have any noticable pain etc with periods until I was just about to get married and was 27. Then the drama started with repetative operations for endo and adhesions.

    Feel pregnant with DS November 2003. Haven't had a problem falling pregnant at all since (second bub - third pregnancy - loss not related to endo last year).

    No one in my family has had this issue that I know of, but as both my Nana's had passed away before all this started, I don't really have anyone to ask. Both Mum and Sister don't have these issues at all.

    I think it's been MUCH better since having DS with periods going down to 3 days of bleeding. Day 2 quite heavy, but then pretty much over by day 3.

    Still occasionally had pains when pooing around that time of the month.

    Have had migraines in early 20's but was also around the time I was on Marvalon pill, so could have been related to that.

    Can get moody and PMS 2 weeks before hand.

    Been vegatarian briefly in my teens, otherwise I eat normally.

    Think that's about it!

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