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Thread: Endo pain or Pregnancy related pains

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    Default Endo pain or Pregnancy related pains

    I was just after any advice that you may have.

    I am 23 weeks pregnant and find that I am still suffering from bad pains. Orginally we put it down to uterus growing/stretching but some days the pains is really bad.

    Could it be endo pain (or maybe scar tissue) but how do I really know what exactly it is? What are my chances of new endo growing or being active while I am pregnant?


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    Pregnancy should be holding endometriosis at bay. While there are no cycles, there is nothing for the endo to feed off each month so you should experience a cessation of symptoms.

    That said, I don't know what else could be causing your pains. If they have gone on for a while and are bothering you, definitely see your doctor. I hope you get some answers or peace of mind soon!



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    Yep I agree with Melbo. It definitley wouldn't be the Endometriosis playing up. Could it be the start of Braxton Hicks do you think ??? If it continues I would be ringing the midwifes at your hospital for peace of mind.


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    Thanks Ladies, you have been very helpful.

    The pains have settled down again a bit so will see how I get on and ask at my next OB appt.

    I get braxton hicks, nope not them. I have been getting the tight band across my tummy since about 10 weeks pregnant. They are getting stronger though but the pain is different to that.

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