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    I have suffered from endometriosis and heavy agonising periods. I had surgery for it last year, it was prodominantely found in the Pouch thingey (very technical terminology there) and had it all removed. That was exactly a year ago at the end of Feb, and although my periods were a dream afterwards they had started to get worse again in the last 4 months.

    Is there any problems endo can cause in this respect to pregnancy if it was coming back (I'm 4 weeks)? The specialist recommended if I wanted children to try within 12 months of surgery and then if I wanted to after that time I may need another procedure before hand. He also said the hormones from pregnancy could fix the endo. Is there any hightened risk of having prev suffered from endo? I had a fertility test done and my hormone level needed to be 30 or more and was 76, wasn't told what this actually meant other than it was an alright reading?

    Thanks and sorry for my nievity and poor spelling


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    Hi CelticMoon

    I had severe endo prior to becoming pregnant the first time and have gone on to have 3 successful pregnancies. There is no heightened risk to it, except some people may have a bit of trouble conceiving and it doesn't affect the pregnancy in any way.

    The pregnancy wont "fix" the endo but it can put it into remission for up to two years afterwards cause of the hormone balance within your system.


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    Thank you that's definately a relief to hear *hugs*

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