thread: Endo removed - about to try IVF

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    Apr 2009

    Endo removed - about to try IVF

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and not sure if I'm doing this right so please bare with me

    I recently had laparoscopy surgeory to remove endo (my gyno said it was severe but I wasn't quite sure how severe or at what stage it was), he also informed me that I had endo present in my bowl

    He then referred me to an IVF specialist. I am about to undergo my very first cycle next month. Does anyone know or have any advice on what my success rate might be now that my endo is out? My husband and I have been trying for almost 3 years now...I really hope this works.

    My husband also has low sperm count, so my IVF will also involve a process called ICSI which I hope will also better our results.

    Does anyone out there have any advice or guidance for me? Does removing the endo really have a big difference in IVF?


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    Oct 2008

    Hi Tina,

    Sorry Ive just found your post so thought Id reply.

    I had to laparotomies last year due to severe endo. The 1st one was emergency surgery. I had a 10cm cyst on my left ovary so they just chopped the top off it. It was still there so I seeked out an endo specialist. I then had a 5.5hr operation in which my left ovary and tube were removed, I had my bowel scrapped and had a stent put into my ureta as it was blocked due to the cyst and my left kidney wasnt functioning properly.

    3mths after the op, I started IVF as my DP too had iffy sperm so we did ICSI. After 3 cycles, I am now pg

    So dont lose hope. Good luck with your first cycle. Let me know if you need any other questions answered.

    Take care,


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    Nov 2008

    Hi Tina,
    your story sounds a bit like mine - I had endo removed from the "pouch of douglas" which is the part between the bowel and the uterus.

    I didnt know I had it - the original plan for my lap surgery was to remove 4 fibroids and have a HGS.

    I start my 1st IVF cycle soon, so I know what your going through , its all a bit unknown.

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    Nov 2008

    interesting info....


    Infertility is present in about 30 per cent of women with endometriosis. It is believed that chemicals may be released from the endometriosis cells that:
    ? Interfere with the ability to conceive or
    ? Affect early normal development of the embryo

    In moderate to severe cases, scarring may cause interference with the release of the egg (ovulation) and passage of the egg along the tube because of damage or blockage.

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    Jun 2006
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    Endo and Conception

    Hi Tina,

    I have had severe endo and several laparoscopys- although I have not been down the IVF route so I cannot comment on that personally, but I would definitely think that having the endo removed would increase your chances of success- and reduce any pain associated with a subsequent pregnancy.

    I highly recommend you and your DH consult an experienced Naturopath to assist you with any nutritional deficiences, hormonal imbalances, or toxicity issues which may be presenting as barriers to conception, either before or simultaneously with the IVF.
    Traditional Chinese Medicine is also very sucessful in this area.
    I eventually overcame my endo naturally, after rigorous supervised detoxification, a strictly alkaline, anti-candida diet (organic where possible) and supplementation with probiotic friendly bacteria.

    I suggest googling the following three things;
    - alkaline-acid balance/diet (the body needs to be in an acid state for endo to thrive)
    - Zeolite (Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora)- i cannot rave on enough about this relatively unknown natural mineral and what hope it poses for couples trying to conceive.
    - In-Liven by Miessence (there is an article here on bellybelly about this wonder supplement).
    All these things I believe are powerful tools for helping couples to conceive - regardless of whether it is via the natural route or through assisted conception.
    Also - check out the book by Francesca Naish - The Natural Way to Better Babies - Preconceptual Care for Prospective Parents. When most people read it they always say to me, "why didn't my doctor tell me this??!! I've been trying for X amount of months/years and nobody ever told me these things!!" Mmmm.... what can i say?
    The book contains loads of info for increasing sperm health also which may help your DH.

    I wish you all the best in beating your endo and conceiving a healthy baby.