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Thread: Endo treatment/clinics in Melb

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    Default Endo treatment/clinics in Melb

    A friend on mine has been diagnosed, after 6 years of pain, with severe endometriosis. She has been referred to the RWH endo clinic.

    Has anyone been there and could they share their experience?
    Or would Epworth or Monash be a better option?

    Also, my firned had to basically self diagnose and demand a referral to a GYN before anyone would take her seriously, as doctors insisted that it was IBS or that she was making up/exaggerating the pain.

    Is there any avenue available to complain about this other than directly to the doctors in question?

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    Not sure if your friend has private health insurance... I saw Jim Tsaltas, who is part of ECCA and Melbourne IVF. His rooms are at Freemasons plus Mt Waverly plus somewhere else. He is a highly regarded expert in the field and is a LOVELY man. He would take great care of your friend, both physically and emotionally.

    ETA - Google Jim and ECCA for more info.

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    Hi there, I saw ECCA in sydney, but your friend will need private health insurance... as ECCA is very $$$$ ...These guys use the latest technology to irradicate the problem, (they cut it out rather than burn it off) I had it done recently and have no pain anymore.. If you pm 'Jane' she sees someone in Melbourne for her endo, so she might be able to point you in the right direction also. But I think ECCA is definatley the go... leis x

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    Hi Rachel

    My gynea is one of the endometriosis specialists at RWH and he is fantastic, I am not sure of the other drs there, I guess with public it would depend who was rostered on when you made an appointment.

    I used to go to ECCA years ago and found them pretty good as well, that being said I have seen all the best surgeons in Melbourne and have had my endo cut out on numerous occassions and it still comes back, unfortunately in some of us it's just the way it is.

    I have heard great things about Jim as blackbird has says. My gynea recommended Luk Rombauts for IVF and I haven't heard of him much in the endo circles but I see he is a part of ECCA and also Monash IVF. The drs with Epworth Endo centre are also well known and my gynea used to be a part of this group.

    Did your friend have problems with RWH or her GP? Endo can be a funny thing to diagnose as it share symptoms with a lot of other problems, I had similar problems with diagosis in the early days.

    I hope she can get to the bottom of things. Please PM me if you want specifics of names etc.


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