Hi All,

This is my 4th day post surgery for removal of an endometrioma from my left ovary. Initially, I discovered a growing lump in my pelvic region. A few weeks later, I saw a gynaecologist Dr Fung (who also turns out to be an IVF specialist in Brisbane) and after looking at my scans and the report, thought that it might be a benign ovarian cyst. My cyst was approx 10cm in diameter. Quite a medium size it seems.

Anyway, I had my operation on Thursday at Sunnybank Private. And it turned out that my ovarian cyst was infact an endometrioma - a cyst that was filled with old blood?. I am still a little confused about my diagnosis and will be returning to see my gynaecologist in a week or two. However, he gave me the impression (mind you when I was told, i still wasn't feeling that great), that I had mild endometriosis. I guess there a varying kinds of endometriosis. I've been trying to read a bit about it online, but as I am still very tired and a little upset, I haven't really tried as much to research it.

Bottom line is, it is something that may affect my fertility to a certain degree which i am rather upset about. Always thought that I'd be one of those people who'd breaze through life without any illness. Dr Fung said that when I go back to see him a a few weeks time, that I should commence treatment of my endometriosis, and he said something about spraying something up my nose??? and it would take approx 4 months to treat it? It's all abit confusing to me at this stage.

By the way, before I had my operation, I never had any pain. My periods were heavy for a day or two, and then it would dramatically reduce over the remaining days. It had been this way for a number of years. I remember when I first had my period, during those teen years, my menstruation was always mostly heavy through out. I wonder if that change had anything to do with it? All speculations at this stage... doesn't really help.

Thanks for listening.