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    Sherm Guest

    Default Endometriosis at 34

    Hi, I was diagnosed with endo last year at the age of 33 and just last week had my first laproscopy done where they diagnosed me with level 4 endo and could only take 60% of the endo out. Now I am on Zolodex for the next 6 months and then have to have a another lap at the end of 6 months for the removal of the rest of the endo.

    Am really concerned as I turn 35 this week and the Zolodex treatment and the second lap pushes our baby making plans out even further. Is there anyone out there have any advise or know of women 34/35 who have suffered from endo and fallen pregnant relatively easily after without the help of IVF etc, after going through laps?? Also am interested in finding out about any side effects from Zolodex. Thanks


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    Hi Sherm

    I can't help you out age wise, but I was on Zolodex for 6mths after my first lapraoscopy and I had no side affects from it. I was 22 when I was first diagnosed and had another lapraoscopy at the age of 24 and now have 2 gorgeous boys.


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    Sherm... Sorry I have no advise at all... but I really hope all works out well for you. I am sure there is a great chance of getting pg.... good luck and welcome to BellyBelly


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    christinem Guest


    Hi Sherm,

    Iam 30 and was diagnosed with level 5 Endo a couple of years ago and had most of it removed through a laproscopy. this year it started to grow back and i was booked in for surgery in November this year, but i fell pregnant instantly first month off the pill so my surgery is not happening anymore...

    but its great cause i have absolutely no endo symptoms anymore..and a little bub on the way...

    It was my biggest fear being told by my specialist that i may not have children and then to get preggers straight away is amazing..

    But it happens all the time...dont loose faith, your not much older than me so you still have great chances!!

    Good luck


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    Sal Guest


    hi Sherm,

    I am 33 and was diagnosed with PCOS and endo last year... I had a lap in June 03 and had ovarian drilling and removal of most of the endo and once that was gone was told I had a pretty good chance of falling pg. Unfortunately, nothing happened so have just had my first cycle of IVF (failed).

    I was told that once the endo was mostly gone the next 12 months is the best window for falling pg.

    Don't worry about your age, you are actually quite young! My understanding is that IVF can cancel out endo, in terms of being able to fall pg. Perhaps you need to discuss with your specialist about what your timeline will be once you have your second lap ie how long you will TTC before being considering ART. Personally I wouldn't leave it to mother nature for too long, because the younger you are the better your eggs and the better the chances that IVF would work.

    I hope I'm helping, rather than making your worried!

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    Hi Sherm
    I'm 33 but have had endo since around 17. In total I've had 11 laps with the last one being Jun this year. I've been on Zoladex too (as well as Danazol etc etc).

    I've been doing IVF since early 2000 and had a successful FET in Sep 2001 - Nicola is now 2 and half years old!!!

    So it can be done - it just takes alot of patience and being an astute patient (get as much help advise and second opinions as you can).

    IVF can assist with eliminating some of the anatomical problems caused by endo, like blocked tubes from scaring and 'tied down' ovaries etc etc. But now "they" are saying that endo can cause complications with the actual implantation process - so do your research and push your doctors to give you the best modern medical treatment

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