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    Red face Endometriosis + it's IMPACT...

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and am feeling the need to talk to other women in similar situations to mine!! I feel like it is having a huge impact on my life.

    I started having pain when I was 20 at the end of 2003, was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006 and had my 2nd surgery in September, 2008.

    It took over my life until surgery last year!! It's only been 6-months since the surgery and my pain is back - seen the surgeon and he thinks it might have been a placebo treatment ( 'coz I had the surgery I thought I was better).

    So once again I am back to square one

    I am needing to talk to others and hear what coping strategies, advice and/or anything else that could help me...

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    Bel i really cant offer you any advice what so ever (i only just found out that i have severe enodo myself)... but i just want to come give you a and im really sorry to hear you are back to square one again

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    Bel i really cant offer you any advice what so ever (i only just found out that i have severe enodo myself)... but i just want to come give you a and im really sorry to hear you are back to square one again

    Thanx anyway Nikki - reading through other forums are starting to help me

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    Endo assistance


    From personal experience as an ex-endo sufferer (yep- you read that right!) I will help you to cut to the chase. I am not promising miracles, but this is what worked for me after years of going round and round in circles with the 'conventional' medical feild and their limited options of repeated surgery and synthetic drugs which address the symptoms but not the cause of the problem.

    You need to go onto a strictly alkaline, organic (where possible), dairy-free, anti-candida diet and start taking a good probiotic supplement whilst you do that. Most women who suffer from endo have undiagnosed systemic candida.
    Visit your nearest health shop for advice on a good quality probiotic supplement (needs to be kept in the fridge), and for alternatives to dairy.
    Coles and Woolies sell long life organic Oat Milk by Pureharvest - a great alternative for your cereal etc.
    Stop consuming meat and or other animal products which are non-organic and thus are likely to contain artificial growth hormone residue. This will only 'feed' your endo and its associated hormonal imbalances. Organic eggs, organic chicken, etc etc etc.
    Its more expensive - sure. But good health is priceless so I highly recommend making the necessary sacrifices in your life that will assist you in this process.
    Alcohol, caffeine and other drugs have to go (sorry!)
    Artificial food additives also have to go (ie additive 621- also known as MSG. There are hundreds more in our everyday foods- even those considered to be healthy). Buy the bestselling guide 'Additive Alert' by Julie Eady to help you with this. Avail from bookstores or online.
    Stop using commercialised, chemically-saturated personal care and cosmetics!! They are absolutely loaded with hormone altering substances, and chemicals which are actually listed as carcinogenic (cancer causing), teratogenic (damaging to a developing feotus) and known to have adverse effects on fertility. Check out Miessence online and be inspired!!
    Stop using commercial brand sanitary gear- especially tampons. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops (with toxic pesticides like dioxins, that is) add this, with the fact that the cotton is then chemically bleached white to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and you have a chemical ****tail inserted directly into the most delicate part of your body. Again- go to your nearest health shop and get onto the organic cotton tampons asap. Natracare and Jolie will fit the bill. And don't worry about them looking white - they have been oxygen bleached which is perfectly safe.
    For the dietary part- I suggest consulting a qualified Naturopath who will be able to test you for hormonal imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, and many other factors related to endo and ferility problems. Contact ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association) to find a qualified natural health practitioner working in your area.

    I hope I have not overloaded you. I have gone from being a serious victim to an expert in this area so I am very passionate about helping others with this hideous condition.


    PS- you will not have to stay completely dairy free, 100% alkaline forever- but you have a bit of work to do before your body regains homeostasis and until then you have to be quite strict on yourself. Once this balance is regained it is a constant effort to make sure it is maintained - so that will mean indulging in alcohol, dairy and refined foods in moderation.
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    Thanks so much jellybean. will give it a go and see what comes

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    No worries Bel83- its my pleasure!


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    Just on the diet topic, i know a few women with severe endo like myself that have had great succces following an insulin resitance diet. It essentially cuts out processed foods and balances "good carbs (complex carbohydrates)" with plenty of protein and it has seemed to work for both PCOS and endo.

    the ones i know on this diet which is similar to the endo diet have both endo, and PCOS. They have said that since on the I.R. diet, they have not had a single period cramp! I guess the I.R. diet is close enough to the endo diet that it works for cramps, too. Also, they said that they haven't had any bowel problems or bloating. worth considering if you are planning on changing your diet. there is a book called syndrome x all about this or for more info, research "Syndrome X" online.

    The endo diet is more strict and avoids the following foods:

    all wheat
    red meats
    refined and concentrated carbohydrates
    refined sugars (inflammatory)
    caffeine which is found in tea, coffee, soft drinks (increases abdominal cramps and increases estrogen levels)
    chocolate (contains sugar)
    dairy produce including all milk and cheese (inflammatory)
    fried food, margarine and hydrogenated fats
    soy products and soy protein products
    tinned and frozen packaged foods as little as possible
    additives and preservatives

    im sure you will find a balanced appraoch to diet and work out what works well and so on. its trial and error really.

    have you tried accupuncture, tens machines, pelvic physical therapy? im going to look into olive leaf extract as well.
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    looking into acupuncture - gonna organise that tomorrow so fingers crossed

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    I know exactly how you feel. I've had bad period pain since I was 13 and it just got worse and worse but doctors said that it was nothing. In 2008 I finally got diagnosed, I thought it would help but it hasn't. I was made to leave tafe because of the amount of tramadol I have to take a day (400mg) which made me feel hopeless, depressed and we tried to do private so we could get the surgery done, but a close to $5k surgery with my mum being a single parent it couldn't happen. I've been waiting for a year and my surgery is finally happening on May 8th, roughly two weeks before my birthday. I couldn't ask for a better present. For 2 weeks of the month I'm completely useless, another week I'm getting over it (some pain but able to do most things with pain medication) and the last week I'm healthy (but I generally get sick this week)

    For the diets, it's a good idea to try. I wish I could but I can't (other health issues)
    For acupuncture, It's alright but it only lasted for about 24 hours before the pain came back.

    Also, stay the hell away from Ginseng. It causes heavier bleeding.