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Thread: Fertile mind and body... wonderful results from herbs

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    Whilst in QLD over Christmas my mother made an appointment with Ruth Sharkeys old secretary, Sue Parsons, who now runs her own clinic 'Fertile Mind and Body' out of her home in Southport, to see about my fertility issues and my endo. I was so skeptical about the whole thing and didn't think they would work in the faintest, but due to my mother and sisters desires to have me sent to this lady, i felt obliged.

    I had been prescribed by Sue a feral tasting concoption, and was to take 5mls twice a day. Which I did. My period was due within the week of starting these herbs, and I had prepared myself as I do every month for the on-slaught... well it never came... It was a miracle O No pain. My pain had deminished from months of 2 days in bed dopped up on neurophene plus and panadeine forte on top of this. To a few panadol.

    I really needed another period to confirm that it was the herbs working and today, my period arrived again, beautifully regular, 28 days, which is rare for me, usually 30-31, and minimal pain, I think i took about 3 panadol all day!!!!! \/

    I am a nurse and have never ever been overly keen on natural therapies, but I am such a believer now and I am happy to pay between 100-55 dollars for two months worth of the feral tasting herbs.

    Thanks to Sue, I now have a normal life with endo, and hopefully when the endo is removed on the 23rd feb, the herbs may increase our chance of a natural conception and a healthy pregnancy!!!!


    Leis xx

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    Wow, that's so great! I had no idea that herbs could help with endo.

    What a relief it must be for you !!

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    I've been having herbs (Chinese) and acupuncture since December and have found the same thing. My acupuncturist said that menstruation should not be painful and for the past 2 cycles they haven't been!! After so long with excruciating pain it is such a blessing. I wish I had know about it at the age of 12!! 2 naproxen tablets to sleep at night was all I needed.

    Being a nurse as well Leis I completely understand your reservations but I'm a convert too and loving it!! \/


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    I've just become a new patient of the Sharkey's fertility centre, I'm awaiting my formula any day now....thanks for the positive news, it's good to know it's helped

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    Default Fertile mind and body

    Hi Leise,

    Could you help me to find Sue Parsons (Fertile mind and body). I have heard many good things about her, but i can't find where she operates.

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,


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    There is plenty of info if you google it.

    Acupuncture & herbs are fantastic, see and hear postitive stories all the time in the BB Pregnancy Centre and have also used it myself for cycle regulation (not TTC'ing though). Very happy.
    Kelly xx

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    Leis, it's amazing how quick it works isn't it? I am seeing a naturopath and she had me taking these awful tasting herbs twice a day and within 2 weeks I was ovulating earlier (which was our aim) and the second month I conceived naturally (after 3.5 years and various ivf attempts). Honestly, I didn't expect the result we had but I needed to do something inbetween ivf cycles.
    I'm glad you have responded so well and I hope that she can help you to conceive when the time comes too.

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