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Thread: First AF after endo removal and it's still so bad

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    Default First AF after endo removal and it's still so bad


    AF arrived on Friday and the pain is still really bad.....the pain in my bowel/bum area is more painful than usual.

    Should you notice a change straight away or does it take some time to feel the real effects from the endo removal????????


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    Mine have got less painful as each AF has been here, but my first after surgery was less painful than before, but still had some pain. If it is really bad maybe you should go back to your Dr.

    Sorry to hear it still bad :hugs:

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    hi there,

    i'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow after removal of moderate endo. I was warned by my doc that the first AF after surgery can be really bad. I'm on the pill, so I had a period the week before surgery to give myself 3 weeks of internal healing and still it was horrific. The worst pain i've had in over 2 years. And my doc said it was to be expected.

    but then i'm still in heaps of unexplained almost constant pelvic pain ever since the op...

    Naturally, I'm not a doctor and any concerns you have should be raised with your doctor. I guess i'm trying to say through my painkillers...don't stress too much, but ask the question just in case!

    [-o< [-o< you feel better

    Good luck
    Cazz xx

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    Aw matey sorry to hear that you are still in pain. #-o

    I've had 9 operations for endo and 2 babies, babies are said to basically get rid of endo, well that's what I was told anway, and my period pain is still shocking, sometimes I still have to go to the hospital for pethadine shots. Don't mean to put a dampner on you, but just letting you know that most of my pains are still unexplained.

    But if you feel that the pain is still bad and they keep telling you to give it time to settle, trust your bodies instincts, b/c the pains gotta be coming from somewhere and you know your body best, so trust yourself and keep persisting if the answers you dont like are the only ones you're getting. (did that make sense)? then do something about it, get 2nd and 3rd opinions if you're not happy with your DR.

    Good luck sweets.xx O

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    Jade - Sorry you are still in pain. The body does take a bit of time to recover from the operation. I know my period pain didn't improve right off but it did eventually. I also got little twinges post operatively for three months. It is also worth remembering that there are other causes of period pain and sometimes because you have been putting up with endo, you may not be aware of these other factors. TMI WARNING - I used to pass a lot of large clots, for example that were quite painful. The uterus has to work hard to expel them. That can cause pain that is independent of your endo issues. If it keeps up, maybe think about consulting a herbalist or naturopath specialising in reproductive issues. I went to one for a while and she gave me a herbal tonic that really thinned out the bleeding so that I didn't get the clots any more. I also made a few little dietary changes that helped too. Not sure if you are interested in that approach but thought I might mention it just in case.

    Good luck and sorry for the lengthy reply.



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