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Thread: Has anyone been treated with Zoladex!!!!

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    Default Has anyone been treated with Zoladex!!!!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and a good friend gave me the link to it hoping that it might help me.

    I am 29 yrs old and have suffered from endo for 14 years. It went ignored for 7 years when my doctors would say it was all in my head or it was another stomach virus, it wasn't until my mother was diagnosed that they finally took me seriously. Over the last seven years I have had many treatments and laparoscopys 6 to be exact. I had suffered one miscarriage and fell pregnant twice after and luckily I now have 2 boys. Ever since the birth of my youngest I have had 2 laps which have both been unsucessful in treating the endo. My gyno has tried me on many pills and drugs and now I am having Zoladex injections which are also (suprise) not working. My gyno says that there is now nothing that I can do but have a hysterectomy or I try and fall pregnant again, which would be great if the bleeding and the pain didnt last for 24 days out of every month. Just wanting to know if there is anyone out there who has also had any treatment that has failed, I need someone to talk to

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    Hi KittyKat

    I had a lapraoscopy and then was treating with Zolodex for 6 mths after it. 2 yrs later I was back in for my 2nd lapraoscopy. I have since gone on to have 3 wonderful boys, as I was told it will go into remission for 2 years after falling pregnant, so all my boys are 2.5years apart from each other There wont be anymore children out of me now, so will see how I go but I can walk in tomorrow and ask for a full hysterectomy if I want it.


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    Hi KittyKat, I was diagnosed with endo after having a laparoscopy on my 18th B'day (7 years ago). I was told to continue taking the pill and to start taking provera tablets (10mg). I did this for about 3 months until the 10mg tablets werent available and I had to start having 2 x 5mg tablets 3 times a day, as well as my pill - so, as you could imagine I was forgetting to take one or two here and there. I eventually went back to the specialist and enquired about an alternative medication. He ended up telling me to have deprovera - which was an injection that acted as a contraception as well as containing provera to help with the hormones to assist with controlling the endo. After 6-9 months of this, I was starting to have unbearable cramps in my legs and sweats during the nights - to which my GP likened to 'menopause' - of course, by this time I was only 19. Eventually I was given a different type of contraceptive pill and taken off the provera totally - however I was told not to have a period at all... I did this for about 1 year and then after getting cramps had another laparoscopy. The Gyno recommended that I continue taking the pill without having a period... which I did up until about 1 1/2 years ago. After this time, I started to have a period again each month - while still on the pill... Then, after getting married in March we are now TTC and its been 6 long months. I think with endo - you really have to listen to your body. If the treatment that your dr has given you doesnt feel right, then ask for an alternative. I dont know if this will help you at all... but at least you know that others are going through the same thing as you. xx

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    Ahhh...zoladex....just hearing the word makes me angry!!!

    I was treated with zoladex by my Gyn. at the time...but for fibroids as I was severely anaemic due to excessive bleeding. He put me on injections for 6 months with the plan to then do surgery. So I went into Zoladex driven menopause (right at the time I was getting married - nothing like being a 30 year old menopausal bride!) and after the 6 months, the Dr. announced that he wasn't going to see me anymore as I was still awaiting my private cover to kick in...

    So...I was menopausal, 10kg overweight (after I had been at my goal weight for several years) and left Doctor-less...ahhhh!!!

    I then went onto two other doctors...both who said the zoladex treatment was unnecessary and outmoded for treating fibroids...I eventually had the little blighters embolised and haven't had any other problems with them...

    I've often thought about contacting the original doctor and airing my displeasure with him...but's probably not worth it!

    Wishing you all the best in your treatments...hoping you find an answer soon...

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    Kittykat, with your endo, maybe you should try and see a ECCA surgeon... google search ECCA and check out there website. These guys are right up there with the latest on endo treatment and surgical removal... I don't know where you are located but most capital cities have big ECCA clinics... Good luck and i hope you get some relief soon.. leis xx

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    KITTYKAT29 Guest


    Thanks Everyone, Im Thankful That I Have Many People To Talk To About This That Are Going Through The Same Thing, I Will Keep You All Posted As To Whats Going On. Thanks Again Guys

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    Hi Kittykat! Welcome to BB!! Hope you find answers soon!

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    i don;t know if this will help but my doctor has inserted a mirena device and also put me on primolut tablets. This stops me from having a period which is ok and it is amazing as the pain is nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I've now had the mirena for just over a year and it lasts for five years. It is a newer type of treatment and is meant to help and try to fight the endometriosis getting worse, hope you find something that helps you. Good luck!

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