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Thread: Has anyone resorted to IVF because of PCOS?

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    Default Has anyone resorted to IVF because of PCOS?

    I am interested to know if anyone has fallen pregnant with PCOS naturally or had to use IVF? I have been on 2 treatments and have had 2 laparoscopys. But my gut tells me it is not going to happen naturally.

    To top it off, I saw a tarot reader not long back and she said that we will be paying money to fall pregnant but unfortunately we will misscarry the first and then the 2nd time it will work. This lady was so spot on with everything else which made me think it really could happen. And that we will have a baby in 2 years which will make it 8 years by then!

    We have booked in to see a fertility specialist in a couple of weeks and I am petrified!! I would like to know how other ladies have experience pregnancies with PCOS through IVF.

    If so, how does it work? What do we have to do?

    I appreciate any input.

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    We undertook IVF when all else failed due to PCOS.
    I had laps and hyteropys done, then ovarian drilling. A year on clomid with IUI's, fertility drugsand finally IVF with ICSI
    IVF was a good choice for us, at first frightening then second nature
    As for the tarot reading...I had one done years ago and they said I would fall preg easily and have a boy and a girl. I have had 2 second trimester m\c and one full term, all through IVF....all girls..hmm

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    Hi Jaycee,

    Yes i know of several women who have exhusted all other avenues and had to resort to IVF to get pg because of infertility from PCOS.

    Some have had great success straight away, some seem to have re-accurant m/c with or without IVF. There are a few other techniques they use i just dont know the terms, all depends on your bodies response. All depends of what part of the reproductive system is preventing you from getting pregnant in the first place. Also depending on DH's spermies too. They will test him before going on any IVF anyway.

    wish you all the best of luck which ever path you go down!

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    yes it can happen - there are a few step to go up along the way - metformin, clomid IUI before you get to IVF but it can happen...Lets hopethat it does just happen by itself for you and you don't have to go through all of that.. good luck...

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    Hi Jaycee, yep I've resorted to IVF for PCOS. I did rounds of clomid, lap, ovarian drilling, then two rounds of IVF. I was on a break from IVF and I begged my doc to put me on Metformin and miraculously I fell pg on my third month of it!

    Good luck to you, but please don't believe fortune tellers...they are bunkum!

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