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    babynow Guest

    Default Help for Endo Pain

    Hi everyone,

    wondering if anyone can help? I am suffering with severe endo pain (post period) as usual. I am going to do an frozen embryo transfer in 2 weeks time and would prefer to be taking as few painkillers as possible. I've already had two embryo transfers that have failed and am thinking that the painkillers don't help, however my pain is crippling. Any suggestions for a more natural way of pain relief?

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    I know it isn't an option that you would probably be considering right now, but have you ever had surgery for your endo to have it lasered off or anything ?? I used to suffer from bad period pains etc and when I was diagnosed with endo I was classed as a severe case, after a lapraoscopy I found the pain to be alot better.

    Can't help you with the natural pain relief sorry.


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    babynow Guest


    I have actually had three laproscopies and 2 treatments of Zoladex. The pain gets slightly better for a short period of time then worse. As I'm TTC I can't really have any treatment. The next surgery I have will probably be a hysterectomy.
    Thanks anyway

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    Sorry to hear that babynow. I also did a course of Zolodex after my first lapraoscopy and have had 2 lots of surgery.


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    Pietta Guest


    Hi Babynow-
    I have alot of pain due to pcos and i just use hot water bottles and/or shower. Also hot cammommile seems to help.

    i hope this could help...

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    kewpy Guest


    I know how bad the pain can get. If you don't want to/choose not to take painkillers then there isn't too much else you can do other then hot baths, hot water bottles. What about taking a lose dose painkiller and using together with a hotwater bottle?

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    I've got severe endo, 11 laps, zoladex, etc etc and am on the IVF track. The pain is something that I generally put up with or I try a low dose pain killer. Not having to go to work after an ET and lying in bed for TLC works. Ive been told not to increase your core body temp after an ET, so hot baths etc have been ruled out. Perhaps your dr can help?

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