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    Lady_Bug Guest

    Red face Hey from WA

    Hey everyone i have been referred here from the general forum so i cant wait to hear from you all!

    Im Tamyn-Leigh from WA and am 20 years old. I have just been diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovaran syndrome (PCOS) and was wondering if anyone else is suffering the same condition. How did you deal with it when you found out? Im shattered at the moment although it explains quite a few things but am still finding it difficult.

    I hope to hear from you soon


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    Hey Tamyn, welcome too BB.

    There are a few of us PCOS sufferers around.

    Are you actively ttc? If so, come and join us in the ttc buddie threads.

    We'd love to get to know you

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    Lady_Bug Guest

    Default Hey


    no im not currently ttc although id love to be. my doctor has just told me to take baby steps in order to learn how to control it. The prospect of being childless scares me and is made harder by the fact my 16 year old sister is acually 29 weeks with her 1st.

    I hope to get to know you all as well


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    Tamyn, the diagnosis can be pretty shocking at first. But for me, it was an incredible sense of relief. I'd had symptoms since my early teens, but it wasn't until we started TTC at the start of the year that I was diagnosed. It helped me that two friends of mine with PCOS had just given birth to their first babies when I was diagnosed, so I knew that even though it may take us some time, it was certainly possible to overcome it.

    Are you having any treatment just yet?


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    Hi Tamyn,
    I'm not sure if I have the syndrome, but I do have polycystic ovaries. When I was diagnosed I was pretty shocked, as all the women in my family fell pregnant quite easily.

    I was 25 at the time and went to the doctors about not having had my period for 12 months after coming off the pill. After an ultrasound I was diagnosed. My doctor was quite positive about it all, so I think that helped. My partner (Now husband) and I didn't use contraception for 15 months before we fell pregnant with Ella. My poor hubby! I would often complain to him, "I'm broken!" My period returned in the last 9 months of the 15, although it was very irregular until the month before conception.

    I remember we used an electric massager that you could use on certain points of the body to help irregular cycles, not long before we conceived. (I had forgotton about that until recently) Not sure of its name, but it's made by a company called "Arden Medical Equipment"

    Visiting a reputable naturopath or accupuncturist is said to help too. There's a lot of options and don't forget when you do try to conceive, that people without any medical issues can take 12 months or more to fall pg.

    Welcome and good luck!
    Maybe we'll see you soon in the ttc threads.

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    Hi Tamyn,

    I know exactly how you are feeling. I was also diagnosed with PCOS this year when my DH and I decided to start TTC. My sister also has PCOS so I had a heads up there with diagnosis as she had explained all of the symptoms to me. It does get better, I had trouble coming to terms with it but now I have found a good FS working with me to get the bub I have always wanted. I am currently taking Clomid to get me to ovulate. I have my first acupuncture appointment this afternoon so I am excited about that. Anything is worth a try.

    Keep your chin up honey.

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    bang83 Guest


    Hey Tamyn

    I was diagnosed just over a year ago and have at least an idea of how you're feeling. Hubby and I had been trying for about 6 months before I was diagnosed and it explains a lot. It does make it a lot easier to know though. At least now you know whats happening and why your body is doing, or not doing all these things as the case may be. Are you on any medication or anything?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck and if you ever need someone to chat to there is always this forum with these amazing women.

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    Lady_Bug Guest


    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the messages tis great. im not on any medications or treatment. My doctor has simply suggested i start by changing my diet to low GI and start that way. im lucky in a sense that i havent got a partner in the wings wanting kids right now.

    What treatments are there to try and get things working properly if you are not ttc?

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    baby_love Guest


    Hi Tamyn

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago...nearly 4 actually. DH an I have been trying to conceive since then and it was only once I came off the pill that I noticed not all is right - one cycle went for 5 months. We have been on 6 months Clomid to help me Ovulate but unfortunately did not fall pregnant. We then went for our first IVF attemt in May - again BFN. We have 1 embryo frozen and are on the way with our next cycle to have him/her put back and hopefully get a BFP this time. It can be a very emotional and heartbreaking thing to go through but once you decide to actively TTC please join us in the TTC thread cause you'll find all the Girls there are going through pretty much the same thing and are great support. Good luck with everything...
    Love Alex xoxo

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    stef Guest

    Default Gday from WA

    HI Tamyn
    I am an old bag now but have just been diagnosed with PCOS. I think I have had it for years now I know what it is. I am lucky I have two kids (Teenagers now). I am concerned about my kids and wether they will be affected.
    I am from WA and go to a doctor in Stirling who just deals in these types of issues. His name is Noel Partridge and he is helping me so you may want to try him.
    Good Luck and chin up

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