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    Default Hi I am new to this

    Hi I am very new to this, but I thought I would give it a try. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 years ago when I was 16. I didn't worry too much about it then, but now I am older and settled, having a baby is really important to me. We have been ttc for 7 mths and no luck so far. but luckily I have a great specialist. My problem is that I want to lose a bit of weight to make pregnancy more likely. I have been trying really hard, but nothing works. I was wondering if anyone had any tips???

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    just wanted to welcome you to bellybelly.. there are a few of us trying to loose weight in the weight loss forum maybe u should check it out there are lots of yummy low fat recipies in there and lots of support..

    you've picked a good site for support as I find this one to be the best one ive used I dont have PCOS though I find lots of support with my situation which is my son living in england with his father which is very hard for me but i find loads of support here

    take care

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    Hi Cat

    Welcome to BellyBelly. We have a few girls that are in a similar situation as you with both PCOS and trying to loose a bit of weight. You might like to join them in our [url=]Weight Loss Forum [/url] as well. They have a good support team going and will be able to offer you advice etc.


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    Hi there Cat welcome to BellyBelly.

    I am a PCOS sufferer also. I would definitley agree that weight loss is the way to go!

    As for what program, you need to find something that works for you. As some of the other girls have mentioned recently Lower your Carbohydrate intake is definitley a good thing. I have found Weight Watchers to really work for me. I have plateaued in the past, but I am hoping to to continue to see if I can get past it this time. I would check out [url][/url] if you are interested and as the other girls have suggested definitley check out our weight loss forum. Also checkout BellyBelly's article on PCOS [url=]here[/url] just be sure to [url=]login[/url] first!

    Goodluck and feel free to share your journey with us all!


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    Hi Cat! Welcome to BB!

    My girlfriend has PCOS. She had been of contraceptive for about 3 years before she fell pregnant. Her dr was about to send of to a fertility specialist, thinking that IVF may have been her only choice. She lost 20+kgs the last half of 2002 and found out she was pregnant New Years Eve 2002. She now has a beautiful baby girl Chloe. I just adore her. She really believes (and I do) that had she not lost that weight she would have been still trying or seeing the fertility specialist.

    Like the others said, come and join us in the weight loss forum. I'm there, even though I am not doing very well #-o But its nice to know there is support!

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