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Thread: Higher risk of ovarian Cancer for severe endo sufferers

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    Exclamation Higher risk of ovarian Cancer for severe endo sufferers

    After my final post op appointment with my surgeon a few weeks ago he said that unfortunatley there would be two downsides to my endo (other than ? fertility). One being that i had a 10-20% chance of my endo returning (which i thought was quiet low, i was thinking about 50-60 + chance) and that I had a high risk of developing Ovarian cancer. So every year i have to have a transvaginal ultrasound, to check on the state of my ovaries. I was just wondering if anybody else had been told this, as i think it is very important for us endo girls to know, especially as ovarian cancer can't be detected, usually until it is to late!

    Anyway maybe when you see your specialists you could maybe ask them, as they say prevention is better than cure!

    Love Leis xx

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    My best friend has severe endo...she's never mentioned this so I'll pass the info on.

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    Hi Leis,

    It wasn't mentioned to me but thanks for letting me know.

    Fortunately there is a lot more awareness these days about ovarian cancer. The symptoms can be so subtle or look like something else which is why in the past, it often went undetected until it was too late. A bit of vigilance is always useful =)



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    Yes I had an idea that endo increased the risk of cancer of the ovaries, bowel, uterus etc. My grandmother died of cancer of the uterus, and she had a huge age gap between children, so I have wondered if she had endo. I had my endo removed when I went to have my infertility investigated. We tried naturally after that, but it didn't work. IVF did though, so we are really lucky. Good luck!

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    Thanks Sana, your story gives us all hope and inspiration.. leis xx

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    I have just been told this also. So I started thinking about my family history and my Nanna (dec) had ovarian cancer at 40. She survived for another 49 years so I think that is a pretty good inning. I have decided to be aware but not stress over it.

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