Hi Girls ,

How long would you wait to have another laparoscopy?.

I had one after 11months of trying for Kaitlyn as they discovered I had Endo (never realised before!)...then feel pregnant the cycle after the op with her!. Now Kaitlyn is 18mths and we are thinking about another one - I have the usual symtoms which I now recognise - Pain during bedding , I spotted midcycle last cycle and bad period pains ...plus general pain throughout my cycle . So I am fairly sure it is back.

Dh and I have low odds as I have lost one tube to endo ( completely sealed over) and Dh's swimmers are long distant loners rather then Groupie sprinters hehehehe.

What are your thoughts? I would prefer to try naturally first but how long should I give it really! ..I was thinking 6months?. Which is kinda only 3 cycles for me as in theory I only ovulate every second cycle ( mind you I feel pregnant on the cycle the Dr said I would not ovulate last time