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Thread: How to manage endo after giving birth?

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    leah Guest

    Question How to manage endo after giving birth?

    Hi everyone!

    I was first suspected to have endo last 2003 and have managed it by taking medications as prescribed by my reproductive endocrinologist abroad. i have never undergone a lap before and was even suggested to have one early last year. i migrated to Oz a few months later and fortunately, i got pregnant and have been pain free since.

    i'm due to give birth this march and my RE told me to breastfeed my baby for at least 6 months and once i stop with breastfeeding, i should take some progesterone pills to manage my endo. should i still undergo a lap as previously suggested or just take the pills instead?

    for those who have endo and have had kids, what did you do to manage your endo after you gave birth? i have not been to a specialist as yet because i got pregnant.

    would appreciate any input you may have. thanks!

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    Sorry....I can't give you any advice...I hope you can get some answers soon.

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    ~Jane~ Guest



    I am an endo sufferer and pregnant with #1. If I were you I would get a proper diagnosis rather than going straight onto progesterone. I find surgery helps with controlling things moreso than drugs.

    Good luck

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    Hi there,

    The only thing that I'm wondering about was how they diagnosed endo without the lap. Presently (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) the only way they can know for sure that you have endo is to go in there and have a look. If you are getting spotting and very bad cramps you probably do have endo but the only way to know for sure is for someone to check it out for you.

    I have endo as well. It was diagnosed and cleared up via laparoscopy six months before I conceived. After the birth, it was back pretty much straight away (spotting at least). I am presently using the pill to keep it manageable until I can get back in to see my FS so that he can clear it out again for me surgically before trying for number 2.

    Good luck with your upcoming birth!


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    Hi Leah

    Just wanted to post with my story!
    I'm almost 30, was diagnosed with severe endo when I was 9yrs old.
    I had years of periods and pains that were absolutely incredible, including many many surgeries (21yrs ago nobody even knew what this disease was!)
    I was told always that I would prob never have children of my own, however after surgery when I was 21, I was told to try as after all of the surgery, this may be my only chance.
    I was lucky enough to fall pregnant with my DS who is now 8 yrs old.
    Throughout my pregnancy was the first time in 10yrs that I was without pain from the endo - it was amazing!
    My doctors told me to breastfeed as long as I possibly could - I breastfed for 12months, during which I didn't get my period.
    After finishing breastfeeding, my period came back, and was the same in terms of the flow and blood loss, however I didn't have any pain.
    My doctor also said I may have to go on medication once I stopped feeding if the pain came back, however, to this day it never has!

    I know I may be an exception, but if I can offer any advice.... breastfeed as long as you can, and then cross the bridge of medication once you get there... and if you get there, because I never did!
    (Plus if you are lucky enough not to get your period, the 9 months of pregnancy and however many months of feeding allows your body time to heal without having your period) As we know, menstruating each month only flares the endo more.

    Hope my rambling helps!!!!!

    Holly xxx

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    Hi Leah

    I have had 3 kids all conceived naturally while having Endo. I did treatment prior to falling pregnant with #1 (6mths of zolodex injections), but I was told by my surgeon who has done 2 x lapraoscopies on me that falling pregnant actually puts your endometriosis into remission so to speak for up to 2 years due to all the hormones that pregnancy creates. I have had all my 3 boys with gaps of 2.5 years between each of them and have not had any Endo troubles during that time. I did have mid cycle bleeding between #1 and #2 and my surgeon said to TTC for 12 mths if no success we would go in for a 3rd lapraoscopy. I fell pregnant on my 4th Cycle.

    So my advice don't take the progesterone and get a 2nd opinion. Melbo is right they can only properly diagnose Endo with a lapraoscopy.


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    leah Guest


    Thanks to all who replied! :smile:

    I have heard of remissions while being pregnant and i think breastfeeding also helps (to postpone the return of your period?). I guess a laparoscopy is inevitable then but i'm hoping not to have it so soon. DH and I plan to have another kid after 2 yrs. Hopefully by then, we will be successful and just delay the need for a lap. I really am pretty scared of going under the knife.

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