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Thread: How many cycles of Metformin/Clomiphene?

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    Nat Guest

    Default How many cycles of Metformin/Clomiphene?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm finally back on line after 3 months without internet access.
    I'm now living in Indonesia and I am a bit skeptical about the ability of the doctors here. ](*,)

    Can anyone tell me if I should continue with Clomid/Metformin as I have only ovulated once after 4 cycles. (100mg Clomid day 5-10/ 2x500mg Metformin)

    Where do I go from here?

    I'm visting the Gold Coast early May - I want to know what direction I should be going before I get there as I am only visiting for a week.

    Getting more frustrated,

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    I think its a personal choice, but thats just me. The average Dr (I've heard) allows about 5-7 cycles of clomid before trying something different. My dr had said that after 5 cycles had I not ovulated once then we would try hormonal injections. Luckily for me I ovulate everytime and have had 2 pregnancies with 5 cycles 2 of them were unsuccessful due to illness (we didn't BD at the right time). I had 2 breaks within that time and am now on my 6th (after two breaks) clomid cycle. I am pretty sure clomid is the drug for me, but if you aren't sure maybe get a second opinion or even sit down with your dr and find out what his plan of attack is I know that has been invaluable to me.


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    Nat Guest


    Thanks Cailin,

    Your information is really helpful, I think I'll give Clomid 1 more cycle before I go to Gold Coast, then hopefully I can sit down with a specialist a formulate a new plan. (If of course cycle 5 does not work)
    It's pretty tough living in a developing country and searching for best practise medicine.
    I sent my GP in Perth an email yesterday explaining my progress and asking for a referral to a gold coast specialist. Hopefully he replies.
    Do you know how many days you require hormone injections for and of which days of the cycle you have them?


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    Hi Nat, I'm replying bit late tho... d:-)

    My Gyn/Infertility Spec/IVF Dr said he only lets his patients take 4 cycles at a time, then at least a month break, as it can affect the endometrium, also this is the reason why he never prescribes it for CD5-9, only CD4-8. Hope this helps, although seems that everyone's Gyn have diff opinions.

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