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Thread: I dont know what im dealing with.

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    Question I dont know what im dealing with.

    Hello there ladies

    Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong forum, I am just a little unsure of what im dealing with. I hope I donít offend anyone with my lack of knowledge on the subject.

    I had my first ultrasound today at 8 weeks and 1 day and it went fantastic. My mum picked up my report later in the afternoon, as they were not available straight away. She called me and told me that they have written a report and taken ultrasound photographs of a large cist on my ovaries??

    Is it only considered PCOS when they are numerous cists or a number of cists appear over time??

    Has anyone had a cist through their pregnancy? Can it cause any complications?

    I have never had more painful than usual periods etc. This is the last thing I was expecting.


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    Hi Renee, Yes I have had large single and benign cysts on my ovaries in the past. Not through a pregnancy though. They can usually tell what sort of cyst it is from the structure of it by the ultrasound. In the past I have usually just had a follow up ultrasound several months later to make sure it has gone away by itself.
    Best thing to do is to speak with your GP or OB straightaway as that will give you the best information without you having to speculate!
    ((hugs)) cos i can tell you are worried about this!

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    Hey Renee,

    You should go and see your doctor and he/she will explain it to you is best.

    Basically it's normal for women to have a cyst on their ovaries in early pregnancy. This is usually a fluid filled mass called a corpus luteum cyst, which forms on the ovary that the fertilized egg came from. I'm not sure on the logistics of this, but all I know is it's normal lol.

    This pregnancy I had a large lesion or tumor, and they called it that on the ultrasound report, not a cyst. It's not a cyst because it is solid, not fluid filled, and they think it's either a Brenner tumor or endometrioma. It ruptured when I was in early pregnancy and was very painful and I had blood in my pelvis, I felt it all the time. It hasn't caused me too much trouble since, but they keep an eye on it the best they can with a baby in the way now . This was written up in detail in the report as it wasn't a normal corpus luteam cyst, but both my other pregnancies, I have had the fluid filled cyst on the ovary and apparently this is a normal thing.

    It sounds normal to me if they are calling it a cyst, but I would go and see your doctor to explain it more, afterall those ultrasound reports are written to doctors and they can seem daunting to us with they way the are written. I'm sure if it was something to worry about your doctor would have rang you, but I would go see him just to make sure.

    But it sounds normal to me, from my knowledge of it, so I'm sure you and bub are fine. I'm so happy for you that everythign else was fantastic !

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    HI Renee,
    Dont have much to offer - except try not to stress yourself out and as the other ladies say, go see your doctor for better explaination. The DR will probably help you calms your nerves as well.

    Best of luck

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