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Thread: I have answers - finally

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    Default I have answers - finally

    Hi Ladies,

    Well, I had my lap yesterday and they found lots of endo on my uterus, ovaries and near my bowel which I'll have to go back in to have removed.

    Am so relieved I actually have some reasons why I've been in pain and why TTC has been so difficult.

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    yay for answers!! pity about the endo, but at least now you have something to go on.

    Good luck with it all!!

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    Default Isn't it funny

    Hi, isn't it funny you get told you have endo and you know theres no 'cure" and you know that there will be many hurdles ahead but you feel so happy!. I was soooo happy when I was told what I had after years of bouncing from one doctor to another being told it's all in my head. I was ecstatic I wasn't going crazy!!!!
    Sorry to hear that you have joined the club, but I am pleased you have some peace of mind. Take care.

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