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Thread: I have PCOS

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    Default I have PCOS

    hi i have been TTC for bout 14 months now and today i found out i have PCOS the docter said its mild but its there on my left overey.........

    does it make it harder to get preggers??

    My docter isnt doing anything for it apart from clomid to make me ovulate reguarly.

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    Hi mummy,

    Firstly, sorry to hear about your diagnosis - however you may now be on the road to finding the answers and to a BFP!! PCOS is fairly common (depending on which website/book/article you read, its between 8% - 20% of women) and lots of women aren't diagnosed until TTC.

    There are varying degrees of PCOS. Some people only have mild symptoms, others have the whole hog. PCOS may make TTC more challenging, just how much usually depends on where you sit in the spectrum. Clomid seems to be the starting point for women with PCOS who are TTC.

    I wish you lots of luck for your efforts in TTC. You'll find lots of support from the girls in BB!


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    Kirsty77 Guest



    I also have PCOS and was diagnosed after TTC unsuccessfully for 13 months.I only have it quite mildly and was also put on clomid 50mg to make me ovulate.Is clomid working for you?Are you now ovulating?I was on it for 2 cycles, I ovulated both times and on the second cycle I fell pregnant with Gemma!!It does make things harder to get pregnant, but clomid seems to do the trick for some of us!

    I wish you loads of luck with clomid and TTC................

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    thanx for replying!! it good to hear success stories............ hopefully i will be one to!!!!!!!!!
    the first month i took clomid i O'd b4 day 18 but then hap a lap and the 2nd month (last month) i didnt O until after Day 23!!
    I havent taken it this month having a break then going back on it next month. i have stocked up on OPK for the month so hopefully i might O on my own!!

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    I'm sorry to hear that you've got PCOS, but I'm glad to hear that you've got some answers about why TTC is taking so long.

    I was also diagnosed recently ... will be starting Clomid with my next cycle. Yes - it often does make it more difficult to fall pregnant, but that's usually because of not ovulating (well, that's my understanding anyway).

    Has your Dr sent you for a fasting BSL test - that will test for insulin resistance. Some women who are insulin resistant take metformin, and that can also help TTC.

    Good luck with it - drop back into TTC sometime to let us know how you're going.

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    thanx inspiration.....

    i havent had a blood test for the insulin resistince do you think i should go ask my docter for one he didnt seem to worried but i have done alot of reading and i have most of the symptoms especalliy the weight gain which is griving me mad ](*,) i just cant lose it...
    Does that have anything to do with the insulin levels???

    Now that i have some answers i feel lot better bout TTC i was really at the end ready to give up on it.
    But i feel refreshed and ready to go again!!

    im not on clomid this month but we are still going to try but im not going to obsess over it.. im going to use the OPK and see how i go then start on the clomid next AF..

    Good luck to you in TTC too by your ticker you have long cycles that must be hard mine are usaully between 30-35 which isn to bad i guess.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Thats so great that you feel refreshed and ready to go again!I also used ovulation predictors, they are what helped me conceive Gemma!I would definetely ask to have a b/t for insulin resistence.It could be what has caused your weight gain.I'm actually going to be starting to TTC again in February. Hopefully I won't need clomid, but I don't like my chances.Hopefully by the time I'm TTC again your pregnant! \/ Goodluck.........

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    Hopefully i will be!! =D>

    Good luck to you everyone TTC (Kristy77 when you start) how lon

    lots of baby dust for us all
    :bdust: dust: :bdust: dust: :bdust:

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    Hi mummy,

    Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with PCOS. But as the girls said, you will now be on your way to a BFP!!

    I was diagnosed earlier this year after I had a m/c. I was referred to a PCOS/Fertility specialist, who put me on Metrformin, I now 5 weeks pg! Very early on and still very scary, but it worksed, I can still do it... even with PCOS.

    Good luck with your TTC journey... [-o< that it's not too long before you get a BFP...

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    Apparently Metformin is better than clomid for inducing ovulation in women with PCOS.

    Also, I was on metformin long before I was TTC. PCOS is much more than just a fertility issue and it's a shame your doctor is not treating it seriously.

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    thanx kyliealysha thats interesting i think i might ring my docter and see what he rekons!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mummy
    thanx kyliealysha thats interesting i think i might ring my docter and see what he rekons!!
    No problems

    Metformin helped me I believe. I have been on it since April, but only TTC for 2 cycles before my BFP!!! It definitely helped me in other ways as well.

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